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lsdavinci 01-13-09 08:25 PM

The Epiphany Thread: BDs/HDs for Trade/Sale
The Epiphany: There are movies that I probably won't ever get a chance to watch due to so many other BDs/HDs, TV, Netflix, Work, Family, etc.... You get the picture.

So this will probably be my longest list ever until the next format media comes along and the madness begins all over again. With that said...

The movies below are for Trade or for Sale. Trades are preferred.

Make any and all offers. All offers will be contemplated.
All movies are in mint if not sealed condition.

Prices are shipped US only. Canadians, please PM me. Will take Paypal or Amazon gift card.

Willing to buy what's on my want list as well so please send offers.
Also, I always check PMs before I check the thread so please PM.

Blu-rays I Have
Pan's Labyrinth (sealed) - $19
Rescue Dawn (sealed) - $17
PathFinder - $15
Flight of the Phoenix - $15
WindTalkers - $15
Curse of the Golden Flower (sealed) - $16
Tears of the Sun (sealed) - $17
10,000 B.C. - $16
Donnie Brasco (sealed) - $17
Eragon (sealed) - $17
Patriot Games - $15

HD-DVDs I Have
Star Trek: Season 1 (sealed) - $35
Smokin' Aces (International) - $8
The Rundown - $8
Transformers - $7
Top Gun (sealed) - $8
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life - $8
IMAX: Blue Planet (sealed) - $12
Superman: The Movie - $9
Scooby-Doo - $7
March of the Penguins (sealed)- $9
Casino - $12
The Jerk (sealed) - $12
Liar Liar (sealed) - $10
Meet the Parents (sealed) - $10
Battlestar Galactica - $16
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - $9
Coming to America - $11
Mr. Bean's Holiday - $10
The Breakfast Club (sealed) - $11
Pitch Black - $13
The Nutty Professor (sealed) - $10
Nutty Professor: The Klumps (sealed) - $10
The Warriors: Ultimate Director's Cut (sealed) - $12

My Blu-ray Wants
* = Want Level

***Tropic Thunder
***The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
**Superman Returns (TrueHD)
**The Kingdom
**King Kong
**Max Payne
**The Bourne Trilogy
**Event Horizon
*The Untouchables
*Relentless Enemies
*Full Metal Jacket (Deluxe Edition)
**Planet Earth BBC
***The Matrix Ultimate Collection
**All the Harry Potter Movies

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