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Brent L 11-30-08 09:49 PM

FT: Various BD, WANT: Ummm, various BD...Criterions too.
I'm a long time gold trader. Depending on what you can offer, I may be willing to do 2:1 or 3:1 trades.

HAVES (all BD):

-End of Days
-The Eye
-Hitman (digital copy disc not included)
-Iron Man (Target Exclusive Mask Packaging, NEW & SEALED)
-Journey to the Center of the Earth (2D/3D)
-The Kingdom
-Kung Fu Panda (NEW & SEALED)
-Miami Vice


-Fido (Canadian release)
-Slither (Canadian release)
-Young People F*cking aka YPF (Canadian release)
-Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2
-Various other BD titles (especially imports that work on US PS3, as well as the special features)
-All Jules Dassin Criterions
-Various Criterion DVDs

If you're interested in anything that I have, just let me know what you have to offer. Anyone with the Canadian releases and Jules Dassin Criterions mentioned gets top priority.

Shoot me a PM, email, or post here.

silvernackle 12-01-08 07:05 AM


Brent L 12-02-08 04:31 PM


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