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HorrorFan88 05-19-08 09:52 PM

dvds for trade/sale
I really need to get rid of these already!! Would love to trade for some other dvd's (horror mainly) or blu-ray. Would really prefer to sell in lots of at least 3. PLEASE PM me if you see anything you are interested in as I need to make some room. Thanks :)

These dvd's do not have covers/artwork, but otherwise are in great condition!! They are $5 a piece including shipping or 6 for $25

Omen (2006 remake)
7 Mummies
After Sundown
Birth Rite-Full Moon
Bleed-Full Moon
Demon Hunter***TRADED***
Desperate Souls
Dr. Moreau's House of Pain (Full Moon)
Endangered Species
Green River Killer
Subject two
Soul Survivors: the Killer Cut
The Boys & Girl from County Clare
I was a Teenage Faust
City of Ghosts-Matt Dillon
The Last Sign
Find Me Guilty-Vin Diesel***TRADED***
13 Moons
Road House 2

These dvd's all have their covers/artwork & are all individually priced (prices include shipping)

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2 disc)
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2 disc)
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2 disc)

Take all 3 LOTR movies for $15 shipped

2 Fast 2 Furious $6
Kiss Live in Las Vegas $6
8 Mile $5***PENDING***
Eminem: E (video collection) $6
The Babysitter's Seduction $5
Drive Me Crazy $5
Moonstruck $6
The Wiz $6
Nsync N the Mix $5
The Reel Nsync $5
Justin Timberlake: Justified the videos $6
Justin Timberlake:Live from London $7
Sublime (Unrated edition) $8
The Other (1972) $8

Greatest Horror Classics: $6
Disc 1: House on Haunted Hill, The Bat, The Last Man on Earth
Disc 2: Night of the Living Dead, Satanic Rites of Dracula, Carnival of Souls
(2 discs put into one case)
Visitor Q (Takashi Miike film)$20
Boogeymen: The Killer Compilation $5
The Lawnmower Man $6***TRADED***
Nightmare on Elm Street (one disc version) $5
Queen of the Damned (case a little ripped) $5***TRADED***
Saw III Unrated Edition $7***TRADED***
Hatchet for a Honeymoon/Die Sister Die (slim case) $5
The Rockville Slayer $5
Vampiyaz $5
The Wailer (La Llorona) $6
Bloody Pit of Horror $5
Demon Slayer $5
Blood Gnome $6

I also have these VHS. They are $2.00 a piece including shipping, but you have to buy 5.

Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dream Master
Night of the Living Dead (remake)
Candyman 3: Day of the Dead
I Know What You Did Last Summer
Dracula 2000
Village of the Damned (remake)
The Forsaken
The Skulls
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)
The Sixth Sense
Friday the 13th Part 2

Rock Star
She's All That
Pretty Woman
City of Angels
Sixteen Candles
My Girl
My Girl 2
Robin Hood Men in Tights
History of the World Part I
Save the Last Dance
License to Drive
The Explorers
Scary Movie
Scary Movie 2
Dangerous Minds
Why Do Fools Fall In Love
Sabrina the Teenage Witch (movie)

Here are some photos of the movies (if you need a pic of a particular film, lmk):

These have been SOLD:

Urban Legends: Final Cut
Pet Sematary 2
Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest
Silver Bullet
Interview with the Vampire
The Shining (original)
Sleepaway Camp
Silence of the Lambs
An American Werewolf in Paris
The Man in the Iron Mask
Bride of Chucky
Lady in White
Halloween H20
Return of the Living Dead Part II
Dracula 1979 version
Day of the Dead

The Pumpkin Karver
Creature Unknown
Halloween 2
Cannibal Holocaust (Grindhouse Releasing Deluxe Edition)
Spring Break Shark Attack
Dark Harvest 2
The Blair Witch Project
Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (dvd/cd on one disc)
Hellboy (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Graduation Day
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation
Saw II Special Edition (2 disc set)
Sweet Home Alabama
Troy (2 disc set)
The Man Who Wasn't There-Billy Bob Thorton
Felicia's Journey
I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer
Jekyll + Hyde (2006)
A Dead Calling (Bill Moseley & Sid Haig!!)
Tomb of Terror-Full Moon
Dead Meat-Fangoria
Wes Craven's Chiller
Kiss Rock the Nation Live (2 disc set)
The Wizard of Gore (special edition)
Haven (Orlando Bloom)
Meet the Fockers
Britney Spears: Live from Las Vegas
Eternal Blood
Broken (Blockbuster Exclusive)
Shadows Run Black
Garden of Evil (Malcolm McDowell)

HorrorFan88 05-25-08 03:11 AM


Need to get these sold...might also be up for trades

Send some offers :)

HorrorFan88 05-27-08 05:14 PM


Would love to trade for horror dvds- Let me know if you see anything of interest & would like to make a trade :)

HorrorFan88 05-28-08 09:04 PM

Need these sold or traded soon people~feel free to send some offers!!

HorrorFan88 05-31-08 02:12 AM

BUMP for the day

Please guys send some offers I could really use the cash or get some stuff I really need. Thanks!

HorrorFan88 06-03-08 01:40 AM


Just got a ps3 and need some blu-rays!! Would trade multiples for each blu-ray. Let me know if you see anything, PLEASE :)

HorrorFan88 06-03-08 05:14 PM


Looking for tons of stuff....horror dvds, tv sets, ps3 games, 360 games, blu-rays. Just let me know what you have & we can work something out!!!

rkndkn 06-04-08 05:18 PM

Hi there,

I tried to answer your pm, but your mailbox is full.

I'm sorry -- the offer I sent is the best I can do with shipping and everything.

Good luck, though -- enjoy your PS3!

HorrorFan88 06-05-08 10:38 PM


Need this stuff GONE!!! PLEASE pm if you see anything- Thanks :D

HorrorFan88 06-06-08 03:50 PM


Please send some offers guys!! Would be willing to trade multiples for blu-rays, ps3 games, 360 games....would trade 1 for 1 for standard dvds, let me know :D

HorrorFan88 06-14-08 02:32 AM


Added a couple new things highlighted in red...please send some offers :)

HorrorFan88 06-16-08 03:18 AM


Send some offers please guys...I could really use the money right now. Would also do trades for stuff I need.

HorrorFan88 06-17-08 01:58 PM

BUMP for the day

terminator911 06-18-08 01:07 AM

Hey good buddy, I'm willing to do $30 for these:

The Lawnmower Man $6
The Blair Witch Project $5
Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (dvd/cd on one disc) $6
Saw III Unrated Edition $7
Hatchet for a Honeymoon/Die Sister Die (slim case) $5
The Babysitter's Seduction $5

As long as they are all Widescreen....

HorrorFan88 06-20-08 03:14 AM


Need this stuff gone!!

terminator911- You never replied to my message..

HorrorFan88 06-21-08 11:36 PM


Please help me get rid of this stuff!! Send some offers :D

HorrorFan88 06-22-08 01:32 AM

Added 3 new things & took 3 things off the list that were traded...don't hesitate to send an offer if you're interested in anything :)

HorrorFan88 06-24-08 05:15 PM


Please send some offers as I really need to get rid of this stuff. Thanks

BTW I also have an xbox & games for sale/trade so if you have blu-rays, dvds, box sets, ps3/360 games or original horror 1-sheet posters, let me know!!

HorrorFan88 06-27-08 02:46 PM


Please help me get rid of the rest, thanks

HorrorFan88 06-30-08 01:09 PM


Help out guys & either buy from me or trade me for something I want, here is my wish-list:

iamiam 06-30-08 02:29 PM

Where's the $3.50 DVDs?

HorrorFan88 07-01-08 12:11 AM

Well I had some of them at $3.50, but nobody was buying lol. If you're interested in any of them let me know and maybe we can work out a deal or I'm also up for trades :)

HorrorFan88 07-02-08 12:16 AM

Update....couple titles have been traded. Keep the offers coming please as I need to get rid of this stuff. If buying I want to sell in lots of at least 4. Please let me know if you see anything :)

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