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JWAR 05-06-08 12:08 PM

DVD's for trade........
I am planning on just keeping this list open and updating every so often. Thanks!

For trade:
The Simpsons Movie (fullscreen)
The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue (BU 2 disc) Pending
Beavis and Butt-head - The Mike Judge Collection, Vol. 1
City of the Living Dead (anchor bay release)
The House by the Cemetery (anchor bay release)
Trick or Treat
King of New York special edition
Lone Wolf and Cub:Sword of Vengeance
In Living Color season 1&2
South Park season 1
South Park season 2
Nero Wolf the complete Whodunit series

The Omen 666 (remake) Pending

Toys: (more to be added)
Alien Vs Predator Elder Predator Action Figure (rare and unopened)
Alien vs Predator Grid Alien Action Figure (rare and unopened)
Mcfarlane Toys CC Club Exclusive SPAWN Billy Kincaid (unopened)
Spawn Series 23 Mutations Warrior Lilith (unopened)
Spawn Series 27 Issue Art 65 Wanda 2 (unopened)
McFarlane 1956 Elvis: The Year in Gold (unopened)


(I will list my posters soon. I have a ton of them)


I Spit on Your Grave (millennium edition)-Gone
Hatchet (Unrated Directors Cut)Gone
Repo Man Gone
Fracture Widescreen Gone
Dark Waters Gone
Sealab 2021 Season 1 Gone
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Season 1 & 2 Gone
South Park season 10 Gone
Neil Gaimans Neverwhere Gone
Flesh Eater Gone
MOH:Family Pending
Lady Death:The Motion Picture Pending
Oz all 6 seasons Pending
Jason Goes to Hell Pending

*Note* I have done ALOT more trading than 4. So, please people who trade with me leave me feedback. Adam Hartley (JWAR) [+4] Thanks!

HorrorFan88 05-06-08 03:43 PM

Hey-I am interested in these:
City of the Living Dead (anchor bay release)
The House by the Cemetery (anchor bay release)
South Park season 1
South Park season 2

You can look at my list & see if there's anything that interests you:

Also about your posters....are they original vintage posters (from the 80's & earlier) or just newer posters? LMK

jesterkeeters11 05-06-08 04:52 PM

I am interested in the Omen blu ray...Check out my list let me know if there's anything u want

JWAR 05-06-08 06:01 PM

pm's sent

JWAR 05-07-08 08:11 PM

updated. Poster have yet to be listed as it will take me a full weekend to go through them.

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