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HorrorFan88 04-08-08 03:47 AM

$3.50 dvd sale!!!!
Please Delete--i Opened A New Thread


victorydvds 04-10-08 12:16 AM


HorrorFan88 04-11-08 01:09 AM

whats the hmmmmmmm for?? :)

HorrorFan88 04-18-08 01:16 AM


Would also be willing to trade.....

HorrorFan88 04-21-08 03:40 PM

Make me some offers guys!!! I am also willing to trade. Looking for horror movies/Tartan Asia Extreme films mainly, but open to looking at trade lists if you see anything you would like :)


HorrorFan88 04-28-08 11:01 PM



terminator911 04-29-08 06:42 AM

I'd be interested in several of those titles.

Let me get home and compile the list so we can talk some business.

terminator911 04-29-08 07:44 AM

Find the list below. Just want to make sure that Twisted is the 2004 version with Ashley Judd and that these are in Widescreen format. Also, since I'm buying several titles I offered you $8 for Saw ii instead of $10 that you were asking.

Next, let's discuss S&H to Oklahoma City, OK 73112.

$4 - Cerberus
$4 - I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer
$4 - Venom (2005)
$8 - Troy (2 disc set)
$5 - The Man Who Wasn't There
$5 - Sweet Home Alabama
$5 - Twisted (2004) --------- Ashley Judd, right?
$5 - Queen of the Damned
$5 - Saw
$8 - Saw II Special Edition -------> Only one I'm offering lower.
$8 - Saw III Unrated Edition
$4 - Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation
$5 - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake)
Total: $70.00

HorrorFan88 04-29-08 02:21 PM


PM'ing you right now :)

terminator911 04-29-08 07:28 PM

Yes, throw in that WS Queen of the Damned you got!

Your PM box is full. Just send me the reply with the total.

HorrorFan88 04-29-08 07:33 PM

Sorry about my inbox....I'll fix that right now.

Is $72 with shipping ok?? If so I'll PM you my paypal addy and can you please send me your address? Thanks.

terminator911 04-29-08 07:51 PM

Sounds good my friend.

I'll PM you my paypal addy.

HorrorFan88 05-01-08 12:33 AM


Please send some offers guys :)

HorrorFan88 05-02-08 02:14 AM


Added a couple new titles...feel free to make some offers, I need this stuff gone!! Thanks.

HorrorFan88 05-05-08 10:45 PM


Please make some offers...they will all be considered. I need some money & this stuff gone :)

HorrorFan88 05-06-08 07:02 PM

Update-edited list into collections...please send some offers :)

HorrorFan88 05-08-08 03:02 AM

Send some offers guys...all will be considered. I need this stuff gone!!


HorrorFan88 05-08-08 10:41 PM

List updated...

Feel free to send me some offers. Would rather sell, but will look at trade lists to see if you have anything I need.


HorrorFan88 05-10-08 03:08 PM

If you see anything you like feel free to PM me...I am up for trades :)


HorrorFan88 05-12-08 01:56 PM

Added Boogeymen: The Killer Compilation

Need some offers people...either money or trades (would probably prefer trades though).

Thanks :)

HorrorFan88 05-13-08 02:55 AM

A Nightmare on Elm Street
The Wizard of Gore
Kiss Live from Las Vegas
Kiss Rock the Nation Live (2 discs)

HorrorFan88 05-14-08 10:05 PM

Visitor Q (Takashi Miike film)

Need some offers people :)

HorrorFan88 05-17-08 08:14 PM

Cannibal Holocaust

Would like some good stuff for it :)

Feel free to send some offers.

beesonosu 05-18-08 01:22 AM

Just to let you know, you can buy CH for 19.37 new online. Unless your copy is the Limited and Numbered Edition.

HorrorFan88 05-18-08 02:56 AM

beesonosu-lowered the price to $20...I don't see how that makes any difference seeing how I mainly want to trade as I stated "would like to get some good stuff for it".

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