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petekelly 04-04-08 07:20 PM

BDs and DVDs F/T
Dragon Wars

DVDs (F/T or F/S) If I sell some of these I'd give cheaper prices for multiples due to saving a bit with shipping. Not particulary interested in real small sells.
-50 First Dates
-Training Day
-Monster House
-Underworld Evolution (ex rental good condition)
-Beastie Boys Video Anthology- Criterion Collection
-Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
-Demolition Man(unopened)
-Exit Wounds
-Final Destination
-Girl, Interrupted
-High Fidelity
-Jerry Maguire(unopened)
-John Q
-Queen of the Damned
-Reindeer Games Exclusive Directors Cut
-Riding in Cars with Boys
-Rollerball Special Edition
-Scorpion King Collectors Edition
-Suicide Kings
-Superman The Animated Series: Volume 1
-Superman: The Movie
-Vanilla Sky
-The Watcher
-World Trade Center 2-disc Commemorative Edition
-Eminem presents Anger Management Tour

blackchubby 04-05-08 01:47 AM

how much for:

Dragon Wars

PogoCards 04-05-08 04:24 AM

PM sent.

J.P.V. 04-05-08 09:02 AM


Mao 04-05-08 09:17 AM

Please review the forum guidelines...if you're selling, you must list a price....please repost!

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