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rasalas 03-13-08 11:05 PM

WANTED: High-Def Harry Potter 1-4, Bourne Ult., etc. - Many For Trade!
Here are the discs I WANT:

Harry Potter 1-4 (Blu-ray or HD DVD) <-- TRADED FOR
Bourne Ultimatum (HD DVD) <-- TRADED FOR
Music & Lyrics (Blu-ray or HD DVD)
Celine Dion: A New Day (Blu-ray)


Here are the discs I have FOR TRADE -- all new and sealed:


Hitman (unrated) <-- TRADED
The Jane Austen Book Club
No Reservations
Santana: Hymns for Peace -- Live at Montreux
Sleuth <-- TRADED
Wall Street


American Gangster
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
In the Valley of Elah
Michael Clayton <-- TRADED
No Reservations
Troy (original version)


Note: The below boxed sets are all standard discs, not high-def.

Beverly Hills 90210 (Season 3)
Big Love (Season 2)
Dallas (Season 8)
Dark Shadows: The Beginning (Collection 3)
The Equalizer (Season 1)
Frasier (Season 10)
Gilmore Girls (Season 7)
The Girls Next Door (Season 3)
Helen Mirren at the BBC
I Remember Nelson (Masterpiece Theatre)
Intelligence (Season 1)
Law & Order: SVU (Season 4) <-- TRADED
Lillie (Masterpiece Theatre)
Lost (Season 3)
Lovejoy (Season 2)
Martin (Season 3)
Melrose Place (Season 3)
MI-5 (Vol. 5)
MindFreak (Season 3)
Most Haunted: The Collection
One Tree Hill (Season 4)
Painkiller Jane
Party of Five (Season 3)
The Riches (Season 1) <-- TRADED
Saturday Night Live (Season 2)
Seinfeld (Season 9)
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (complete)
Thunderbirds (12 DVD Megaset - 40th Anniversary CE)
24 (Season 6)
Torchwood (Season 1)
An Unsuitable Job for a Woman (Series 1 & 2)
Veronica Mars (Season 3)
Walker, Texas Ranger (Season 4)
Weird Science (Seasons 1 & 2)


Caligula: The Imperial Edition (3-disc set)
MGM Classic Musicals Collections (6-movie set)

Although I haven't traded regularly in a while, I am a longtime GOLD TRADER -- one of the originals, in fact.

bigjim25 03-13-08 11:50 PM

I know I probably have nothing since it looks like you are looking for HD & Blu but I just wanted to say welcome back, welcome back, welcome back. I miss trading and buying off of you. For the heck of it, I was interested in these:
Frasier (Season 10)
The Girls Next Door (Season 3)
Lost (Season 3)
One Tree Hill (Season 4)
Party of Five (Season 3)
The Riches (Season 1)
Walker, Texas Ranger (Season 4)

kahuna 03-14-08 12:40 AM

Check PM

rkndkn 03-14-08 12:51 AM

Sent you a PM.

rasalas 03-14-08 09:14 AM

I've replied to everyone's PMs. You have one, too, bigjim25! Thanks.

rasalas 03-15-08 09:11 AM

Updated with trades

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