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vballboy51 03-02-08 03:40 PM

FT: Dazed and Confused CC, Criterions, HBO TV and more!

Clerks X (Sealed) (TRADED)
Dazed and Confused CC (Traded)
Kirosawa Criterion set
Man Bites Dog (Traded)

24 Seasons S1-4
The Wire S1-3
Entourage S1,2.1
Extras S1-2
Sopranos S1-S5
Carnivale S1-S2
Simpsons S3
Family Guy S2-3
Chapelle's Show S1-2
Penn and Teller BS S1-3
Lost S1

Pirates of the Carribean 1 - SD

More to come!


See my wishlist


Ocean's trilogy (got it)
American Gangster (got it)
2 HD cases (2 disc if possible)
Serenity (Pending)
Others too!


Enchanted (Got it)
Pixar Short Films

I'll also look at lists - a lot of stuff i don't even know i want!

Check out my collection, i might be willing to trade more

vballboy51 03-03-08 04:04 PM

Please Bump!

Let me know any offers folks!

heyyoeddie 03-03-08 07:25 PM

Your wishlist doesn't seem to work, but check my list or shoot me a price for Clerks X. Thanks!

Reddye5 03-03-08 07:47 PM


JWAR 03-03-08 08:00 PM

I'm interested in The Wire. Let me know what you're looking for.

vballboy51 03-03-08 08:06 PM

Reddye5 - i responded to your pm.

Jwar - i fixed my link (thanks heyyoeddie) to my wishlist. There is a lot that i'm interested in, i just need to know what people have! do you have a list?

heyyoeddie - i'm looking! i'll PM you

vballboy51 03-05-08 09:48 AM

bump for the day!

vballboy51 03-07-08 07:52 AM

Friday morning bump and added Man Bites dog!

vballboy51 03-11-08 05:07 PM


vballboy51 03-15-08 10:50 AM

bump - responded to a few pm's. also need 2 more HD-DVD cases

onitapgr 03-15-08 03:09 PM

Interested in Extras 1 & 2

my list:

vballboy51 03-15-08 06:07 PM


vballboy51 03-19-08 10:19 PM

Bump - Added the Blu Ray's to my wish list

vballboy51 03-23-08 10:04 PM

bump - added sopranos

noaht1980 03-24-08 10:39 AM

Does your Dazed and Confused Criterion Collection come with everything that originally came with it? like the poster and the other goodies? if so i have a sealed copy of *Minority Report 2 Disc DTS version*

vballboy51 03-24-08 03:53 PM

Dazed and Confused is complete- only been viewed once. I have been the only owner.

I'm not really interested in Minority Report, i have a copy of it, have anything else?

Kory 03-24-08 06:11 PM

Would you sell "Dazed and Confused"? It looks like you're only interested in next-gen stuff for trade, and the only thing I have is "Deja Vu" Blu-Ray. I got it for free and opened it because I had never seen Blu-Ray disc packaging or the disc itself in person before, but it's never been watched. If you're interested in that though, I'd gladly trade it for "D&C."

vballboy51 03-24-08 09:15 PM

i'm not only interested in blu kory. do you have a trade list? there is a lot of things i'm interested in (see my wishlist) and i'm sure more i don't know about!

Kory 03-24-08 10:01 PM

Haha, sorry I guess I read your post wrong. The only thing I have on your list is "Shooter," and I want to keep my copy.

However, other things I do have that I want to trade are:

"Deja Vu" (Blu Ray)
"X2: X-Men United" (Fullscreen)
"Starsky & Hutch" (Fullscreen)
"Everybody Loves Raymond" (Seasons 1, 2, 3)
"Oz" (Seasons 1, 2)
"Ren & Stimpy" (Seasons 1 & 2 --- Uncut --- Includes Best Buy Bonus Disc)

Dunno if you're interested in any of that though...

vballboy51 03-26-08 08:44 AM


sorry, there isn't anything on that list i'm interested in. Right now I really only want to trade, but i'll let you know if i change my mind.

vballboy51 03-30-08 10:28 AM


vballboy51 04-08-08 02:17 PM

bump again

mwcelentano 04-08-08 08:30 PM

How much would you sell the wire boxsets for?

vballboy51 04-08-08 09:58 PM

Originally Posted by mwcelentano
How much would you sell the wire boxsets for?

i'd have to think about selling. i'm not set up on paypal and really don't want to be...kind of a pain. If i decide to sell i'll let you know the price

vballboy51 04-10-08 11:34 AM

updated and bumped

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