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Mao 02-17-08 10:17 AM

The Good Trader Posting Thread
Welcome to the Good Trader List!

Please post your good trades/sales/experiences through The DVDTalk Exchange Forum below.

Please include real names and forum names; no initials are allowed! (Posts containing only a real name or only a forum name will not be added to the list or added to the post count!) If the real name and the forum name is the same, please state so.

The number of discs traded is inconsequential to this list. One positive trade post equals one point only! The point total is calculated as follows: your first positive trade post gets your name on the GTL, then each subsequent post gets a plus point.

The Good Trader List began in March, 1999 and is now divided into three sections due to length.

If you find any errors in these listings, please send me an e-mail (not a PM!) If a point count is in question, please send me the date and time of the post/listing in question. Thanks!

J-Flow 02-17-08 12:18 PM

+1 for J. Dan Patane (indianajdp) - thanks
+1 for Sam Hollobaugh (balanceofpower) - thanks

balanceofpower 02-17-08 05:58 PM

+1 for John Tucker (J-Flow) for 300 on HD DVD

naitram 02-17-08 08:58 PM

+1 for Judd Weisgal (wired1)


abintra 02-17-08 09:46 PM

+1 for Shawn Granger (TheV)

Thank you kindly.

toldawg128 02-18-08 11:21 AM

+1 for James Ferguson (spez)


Spez 02-19-08 05:51 PM

And +1 for Michael Snitch (toldawg128)

cinenadio 02-19-08 10:05 PM

+1 for Rene Rodriguez (Rusty James).

JWill85 02-19-08 10:26 PM

+1 for Anthony Ortiz (victorydvds). Excellent trade!

idvd420 02-20-08 03:28 AM

+1 for Rene Rodriguez (Rusty James). Thanks.

Mr. Foo 02-20-08 10:55 AM

+1 please for Todd Rogers (cinenadio) for the smooooooth transaction. Thanks, Todd!

Rusty James 02-20-08 12:30 PM

+1 for Andy Lewis (idvd420). Thanks much!

m0vi3fan 02-20-08 10:07 PM

Polishing the gold for Tony Dvdfan aka Tony Benek! Thanks Tony!!!!

victorydvds 02-21-08 02:46 AM

+1 for Justin Williams (tattedbigman) thanks

akolang2 02-21-08 11:01 PM

+1 for Jeff Whitford (Logic7)

akolang2 02-21-08 11:39 PM

+1 for Peggy Grasso (medspeaking)

Tony Dvdfan 02-22-08 08:26 AM

+1 for Carolyn Long (m0vi3fan) for a quick and friendly trade :)

yachtsman 02-22-08 09:24 AM

+1 for Tim Fitzpatrick (gorgo)

naitram 02-22-08 11:43 AM

+1 for Paul Forrester (DVDMagic)


cinenadio 02-22-08 08:50 PM

+1 for Mr. Foo (Scott Clapp). Excellent trader here at DVDT!

SoSpacey 02-23-08 10:49 AM

+1 for Todd Rogers (cinenadio)

akolang2 02-23-08 01:11 PM

+1 for Brandon Barnette (teke184)

akolang2 02-23-08 01:20 PM

+1 for Tom Brost (Brost08)

btlives 02-23-08 02:24 PM

+1 for Paul Forrester (DVDMagic)

First transaction for me in over a year.
Was a very very good one. Thank you.

wormraper 02-23-08 04:09 PM

+1 for Paul Forrester (DVDMagic) great transaction. Very good guy to work with.

Arpeggi 02-23-08 07:36 PM

+1 for Rene Rodriguez aka Rusty James.


McButton 02-24-08 02:48 AM

Please +1 Jeff Thibadeau (riderjeff) for another great sale.

MadCow666 02-24-08 12:40 PM

+1 to Chris Roberts (JackBurton) for an awesome HD/BD swap. Thanks!!!

QuePaso 02-24-08 09:27 PM

+1 to Carylon aka m0vi3fan, EXCELLENT to work with and everything arrived exactly as described.

JackBurton 02-25-08 07:44 AM

Please give +1 to Titus Schieman (MadCow666) for a great trade.

gorgo99 02-25-08 08:40 AM

+1 David Brooks (akolang2)

Logic 7 02-25-08 12:31 PM

Please put a +1 for David Brooks (akolang2)

amplified 02-25-08 03:04 PM

+1 for Carol Richards (bettyboop)


+1 for Craig Verneau (cverneau)

Thanks again.

futureman 02-25-08 09:33 PM

Gold traders already but great trades with

Bruce Wilson (Brewc)

Stewart Bushman (Stoobush)

cinenadio 02-25-08 11:19 PM

+1 for Scott Mahlebashian (scooby105) for a smooth trade, thanks Scott.

McButton 02-25-08 11:25 PM

+1 Ross Petrocelli (LordZeppelin) for a fantastic sale.

printerati 02-26-08 07:45 AM

+1 for Matt Strake (DTStratovarius). Thanks!

akolang2 02-26-08 01:42 PM

+1 for James Zhen (utopianz14) ...accurate descriptions of discs, excellent prices. A pleasure to deal with.

Schlomo 02-26-08 01:50 PM

+1 for Stewart Bushman (StooBush)

JWill85 02-26-08 05:59 PM

+1 for Craig Verneau (cverneau) another great sale!

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