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DerangedHermit 04-02-08 08:19 PM

+1 for Heath Schoen (doctaheath78) for being patient, helpful, polite and everything a relatively inexperienced trader can hope for.

McButton 04-02-08 11:01 PM

+1 for Travis Stone (stonecountry) for a great sale!

stonecountry 04-02-08 11:29 PM

+1 for Ronnie Nicklaus (McButton) for a nice monetary transaction.

tedbrogen 04-03-08 01:33 AM

+1 for Cleaver for a great trade

cleaver 04-03-08 03:42 PM

+1 for Blake Simonsen (tedbrogen)

clintilona 04-03-08 03:42 PM

+1 for Maria Horlacher (mazzystar) Very fast to ship and nicely packaged. Perfect!

mazzystar 04-03-08 04:08 PM

+1 for Thomas Gill (Tom Army) for a smooth transaction. Great buyer.

mazzystar 04-03-08 05:40 PM

+1 for Mitch Pocock (kahuna) for another fabulous trade. Thanks!

argh923 04-04-08 01:02 AM

+1 for Victor Russell (nugent) for a great transaction!

Mark Z 04-04-08 10:49 AM

Please add +1 for Zaira Harosky (Ra)

kahuna 04-04-08 08:31 PM

Another +1 for another great trade with Maria Horlacher (mazzystar).

tonyc3742 04-05-08 12:04 PM

+1 for Aeron Ives (aeron). Great condition, great prices, great shipping.

JWAR 04-05-08 02:40 PM

+1 for Chill (Kris Hill). Awesome trade and dvds were mint!

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