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riderjeff 02-11-08 09:09 PM

FS: ton of SD DVDs, NEED these gone!!!
So I have a job now, and I really need to clear out a bunch of these DVDs before I get too busy to. They are all region 1s no bootlegs or copies. They are $3 each with free shipping, but you must buy 4 or more to get free shipping. Thanks!!! PM me with any interests.

money talks ws/fs
blair witch 2 ws
don't be a menace ws
spawn ws
lost in translation ws
frailty ws
steve-o out on bail 2 disc
headspace w
american psycho ws
white noise ws
omen fs remake
total recall ws
dreamcatcher ws
van wilder 2 disc ws
the zodiac fs
texas chainsaw massacre next generation
hitcher 2 ws
spy game ws
road rage fs
feast ws
phantom of the opera ws fs robert englund version
shadow of the vampire ws
ted bundy fs
madea's family reunion fs
wolf creek ws unrated
american werewolf in london ws
blade ws
jason x ws
blade 2 2 disc ws
rose red 2 disc
happy gilmore fs
friday after next ws
28 days later fs
running man ws
shanghai noon ws
we were soldiers ws
wrath of the ninja
orange county ws
freddy vs. jason 2 disc ws
the exorcist ws
jay and silent bob strike back 2 disc ws
hackers ws
bring it on ws
ghost ship fs
vanilla sky ws
signs ws
the ring ws
rules of attraction ws
american dreamz ws
i am sam ws
zhou yu's train ws
congo ws
deathtrap fs
sky captain ws
blair witch fs
bad company ws
postman always rings twice fs
creepshow wsfs
under suspicion ws
the 6th day ws
open water ws
the cell ws
the hole ws
shallow hal ws
varsity blues ws
stir of echoes fs
wishmaster 1 and 2 ws
alfie ws
prime ws
something about mary ws
scary movie 3 fs
problem child fs
boat trip fs
starsky and hutch fs
austin powers 2 ws
cable guy ws fs
bad boys ws
guess who ws
barbershop ws
formula 51 ws fs
blue streak ws
tupac resurrection ws
bringing down the house fs
undercover brother ws
book of love ws

riderjeff 02-12-08 05:16 PM

I got everyones payment and will ship hopefully tomorrow, already printed labels. Updated the list, buy more please!! thanks!

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