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scottpilgrim 02-11-08 07:35 PM

Scottpilgrim's Blu/HD/Game thread
I would like to trade for the following

Silent Hill (Blu ray)
The Descent (Blu Ray)
Robocop (Blu Ray)
Shoot em up (blu ray)
1408 (blu ray, import)
Amazon gift certificates. (I'm not big on paypal)

I have the following to trade

Transformers (HD DVD)
Eastern Promises (HD DVD)
Kung Fu Hustle (Blu)
Kingdom Of Heaven (blu)
Casino Royale (blu)
Harry Potter 1 (blu)
Harry potter 2 (blu)
Batman Begins (HD DVD)

In standard def

Mulholland Dr
Clerks 3 disc
Suspiria (1 disc edition)
Dune (tin case)
Garden State
The Squid And The Whale
Say Anything
This Is Spinal Tap

make an offer.

scottpilgrim 02-12-08 12:14 AM


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