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StooBush 01-10-08 08:41 AM

Close thread.
Please close this thread.

Celpacius 01-10-08 11:20 PM

do you have any ps3 games?

i have some that im willing to trade for other ps3 titles

StooBush 01-10-08 11:37 PM

Sorry, none that I'm willing to trade.

akolang2 01-12-08 07:20 PM

Sent you a PM...

excom101 01-12-08 07:38 PM

Any interest in Disturbia Blu-Ray? Still sealed. I know it's a long shot...

StooBush 01-12-08 11:52 PM

Sorry, no thanks.


akolang2 01-12-08 11:55 PM

StooBush, I had sent a PM offering The Departed for Toy Story.

Was the "no thanks" for that, or for excom101, or both?

StooBush 01-13-08 12:03 AM

No thanks was for Disturbia. I wrote you back for the trade.


akolang2 01-13-08 12:10 AM

<===sent another PM

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