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Mao 01-06-08 07:22 PM

The Good Trader Posting Thread!
Welcome to the New Good Trader List!

Please post your good trades/sales/experiences through The DVDTalk Exchange Forum below.

Please include real names and forum names; no initials are allowed! (Posts containing only a real name or only a forum name will not be added to the list or added to the post count!) If the real name and the forum name is the same, please state so.

The number of discs traded is inconsequential to this list. One positive trade post equals one point only! The point total is calculated as follows: your first positive trade post gets your name on the GTL, then each subsequent post gets a plus point.

The Good Trader List began in March, 1999 and is now divided into three sections due to length.

If you find any errors in these listings, please send me an e-mail (not a PM!) If a point count is in question, please send me the date and time of the post/listing in question. Thanks!

SoSpacey 01-07-08 08:50 AM

Greg Strantz (Dvdcollector) - agreed to trade 3 BluRay disks and never sent them. I luckily smelled a rat and waited before sending mine. He then agreed to send his first which he never did.

Technically I didnt get screwed on this but it is still an incomplete trade in my book.

curtschilling 01-07-08 07:55 PM

+1 TLeeTx2012 ( Tommy Townsend ) for sending over payment when he said he would.

silvernackle 01-07-08 08:49 PM

hi, please add 1 for Bunker (Brett Foote) for a very nice transaction. thanks.

kahuna 01-08-08 01:11 AM

Mao please PM I may have a problem with a trade.

TLeeTx2012 01-08-08 07:47 AM


BuddhaWake 01-08-08 08:38 AM

please add a +1 for andrash (Andras Hernadi)

hobbes4444 01-08-08 09:33 AM

+1 for curtschilling (Morris Tang) for promptly sending 2 discs I purchased from him.

myrdh 01-08-08 11:08 AM

Please +1 for Jeff Goldberg (jPoD_TGN).

Bcolon 01-08-08 08:35 PM

plus 1 for Nick Reuszer ( nmr1723 ). Great trade. Thanks!

BigBill 01-08-08 09:25 PM

+2 for Peter Karras (BachtoRock). Good Trade!!

aeron 01-08-08 11:33 PM

[+1] for Jeff Goldberg (jpod_TGN) please, who bought Pan's Labynrinth R3 from me...

zombiefan3999 01-09-08 04:00 PM

Id liek to add a +1 for TLeeTx2012 (Tommy Townsend). Fast payment,thanks buddy.

TLeeTx2012 01-09-08 05:40 PM

+1 for Greg Burton (bur1196)

bur1196 01-09-08 05:45 PM

+1 for Tommy Townsend ( TLeeTx2012). Thanks!!

printerati 01-09-08 07:01 PM

+1 for Robert Killian (FangsFirst) for another excellent trade.

sociopharm02 01-10-08 11:48 AM

+1 for Christopher Hoang (Engel07) purchased Mission Impossible HD box set. A+

FangsFirst 01-10-08 05:01 PM

+1 for David Lawson (printerati) again

biomechanoid999 01-10-08 10:12 PM

+1 Tommy Townsend (TLeeTx2012). Thanks.

basaro 01-11-08 01:16 PM

Mao, please add these updates for me:

+1 Jeff Goldberg (jPoD_TGN)
+1 Sam Stevens (sstevens75)
+2 David Lawson (printerati)
+1 Andy Mokler (moklerman)
+1 Larry Kirven (LKirven517)

Giggles 01-11-08 05:06 PM

Mao, please add +1 to Erick Dimalanta (Unknown27) for 2 nice DVDs I bought from him.

BuddhaWake 01-11-08 05:25 PM

please add a 1+ for Warren Satchell (WOLFie)

nmr1723 01-11-08 06:40 PM

He's already gold, but please add another +1 for Bcolon. Great trader.

biomechanoid999 01-12-08 12:54 PM

+2 for David Brooks (akolang2)...payment for 2 HD DVDs.

Donnie Eldridge 01-12-08 02:58 PM


Leave give +1 for a good trade to Steve Isert (Schlomo)

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