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robotjox 11-29-07 03:33 AM

Salo - now with price :)

I've decided to sell my Criterion Salo.

The price is $250 excluding postage.

I'd rather avoid going through ebay - if I saw it listed on ebay myself, I'd probably think it was a bootleg

But this one is real (white ring etc.). I can provide photos or any other info you require.

The disc is not sealed and has been seen once, but it is in excellent condition.

I've tried to sell it here in Denmark, where I live, but nobody has been interested...

I can ship worldwide and I accept paypal or bank transfers.

Feel free to make me an offer, but please only serious offers

I haven't really traded on this forum before (I usually trade on this Danish forum: www.dahf.dk), so I realize if anyone is hesitant to make business with me, but please ask for any questions you have!

Morten Holmstrup

clappj 11-29-07 05:25 AM

You should probably try eBay.
With the re-release of Salo coming, it's unlikely that anyone here will give you that kind of money for your disc.
Good luck to you!

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