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Medspeaking 11-26-07 02:27 PM

Sealed Oceans Thirteen HD for trade
I have a still sealed Ocean's Thirteen HD/SD for trade. Interested in other HD-DVDs, particularly Shrek 3, Spy Game, Untouchables and Smoking Aces.

Medspeaking/Gold Trader
[email protected]

clappj 11-26-07 03:39 PM

Interested in a sealed copy of Troy: Director’s Cut?

Medspeaking 11-26-07 03:55 PM

John, Troy (although not the director's cut) is one of my selections on the 5 Toshiba freebies (unless they substitute it for some reason). If I hadn't already have done that, I would have gone ahead with the trade for those extra 30 minutes on the DC. I really like this movie, but I really don't need 3 copies of it. If you have any other offers, let me know....Peg

JAYARE 11-26-07 04:44 PM

any interest in a mint copy of mallrats (HD)?

RonBoster 11-26-07 04:53 PM

I have disturbia or sealed 300

Medspeaking 11-26-07 05:29 PM

Jayare, thanks very much but will pass on Mallrats.

Ron, I have 300. Let me think about Disturbia. It was an okay watch, just not sure I need to own it. I'll let you know.

DamDavila 11-26-07 07:42 PM

I have The Prestige BD... Interested?

Medspeaking 11-26-07 09:05 PM

John, really sorry, but just nothing moves me.

DamDavila, don't have a BD player, just HD. I believe Prestige is available in HD via import; I should have specified.

Medspeaking 11-27-07 07:47 AM

Ron, I will have to pass on Disturbia but thanks for the offer.

Oceans still available.

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