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CloverClover 11-25-07 04:15 AM

FS: Spongebob, Masters of Horror, Curb, Inland Empire
Just thinning out the collection, price are pay pal shipped, PM me if interested!

Curb Your Enthusiasm Seasons 1-5 - $72
Alec Guiness Collection - (will give free if you buy the Curb your enthusiasm set)
Planet Earth - BD - $45
The Man Who Fell to Earth - Criterion - $20

I am also interested in trading for a Nintendo DS or a Nintendo Game Boy Advance and/or Game Boy Advance micro

CloverClover 11-25-07 05:52 PM

prices updated, want to sell these, thanks!

hindolio 11-25-07 06:25 PM

interested in:

Inland Empire - $10

what cover does this have? and what is the condition of it? thanks :)

CloverClover 11-28-07 08:43 PM

I already ended up selling Inland Empire, sorry!
All purchases / deals shipped!
And thread updated

blackchubby 11-28-07 11:19 PM


CloverClover 11-29-07 01:53 AM

hey blackchubby I didn't get your PM (or at least I don't think) please re-send!

blackchubby 11-29-07 02:08 PM

OK resent PM.

CloverClover 12-02-07 12:39 AM

price updated PM me if you want to make an offer for the curb sets

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