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DigitalDuck 11-24-07 07:12 PM

Help me get rid of these remaining 75 titles... $3 each
<h1><marquee> <font color = gold>Gold Trader!!</marquee></h1>
<font color = purple>Here are the titles I have for sale..
All have been opened, but are in excellent shape. All are $3 unless otherwise noted.

Rush Hour
Lethal Weapon 4
You’ve Got Mail PENDING
Austin Powers SOLD
Analyze This PENDING
Negotiator PENDING
Bigdaddy SOLD
Austin Powers 2 SOLD
Iron Giant SOLD
Devils Advocate SE SOLD
Jerry Seinfeld
Mystery Men SOLD
Thomas Crown Affair
Happy Gilmore SOLD
Billy Madison SOLD
Ever After
Three Kings SOLD
South park, bigger, longer, uncut SOLD
Green Mile SOLD
Lost in Space
Conspiracy Theory SOLD
Batman SOLD
Gladiator DTS
American Beauty DTS SOLD
U-571 DTS
Titan AE SE
Man on the Moon
Chicken Run SE SOLD
Scary Movie PENDING
Shanghai Noon PENDING
Whole Nine Yards
Mission Impossible 2
Me, Myself and Irene SOLD
Cast Away SE SOLD
Clerks CS SOLD
Wedding Singer
Chris Rock
Mr. Nice Guy
Erin Brokovich
Unbreakable SOLD
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
What Lies Beneath PENDING
Top Gun SOLD
What Women Want
First Knight SOLD
Hannibal SE SOLD
Hollow Man
Final Fantasy SE PENDING
Spies like Us SOLD
Cats and Dogs SOLD
Sleepless in Seattle SE SOLD
Planet of the Apes SE
Shrek SE
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back SOLD
Oceans Eleven
A Beautiful Mind SOLD
The Scorpion King CE
Spider Man SE SOLD
Star Wars Episode II PENDING
Halloween Resurrection
Minority Report SOLD
Die Another Day PENDING
Entrapment SE PENDING
Groundhog Day SE PENDING
Tomb Raider SE SOLD
Austin Powers Goldmember SOLD
video essentials
Halloween Holograph SOLD
Little Mermaid LE $15.00

<font color = blue>post or email directly [email protected]</font>

McButton 11-25-07 02:13 AM

You got mail! :)

DigitalDuck 11-25-07 12:05 PM

Responded, thanks

McButton 11-25-07 03:17 PM

Got another.

Layziebones 11-25-07 05:28 PM

Shipping included or....

DigitalDuck 11-25-07 08:17 PM

layzie.. depends on the amount purchased...if you were looking at more then one, let me know..

McButton 11-25-07 08:59 PM


PogoCards 11-25-07 10:00 PM

PM sent.

DigitalDuck 11-28-07 12:42 AM


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