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codenamexen 11-20-07 08:43 PM

70 Titles for Sale! Cheap Prices! Everything Must Go!
Hey all,

All the prices here include shipping. If you are interested in a title, PM me, and I'll give you a rundown on anything you need to know about the specific title. I don't really want to go lower on prices, but still drop me a message if you are interested in working something out. All titles are widescreen. Prices are in USD. If you live outside he US, tell me ahead of time so I can tell you whether or not I can ship it you. Thanks!

12 Monkeys $6
A Scanner Darkly - $6
American Beauty $6
Animatrix (Snapper) $4
Armageddon $4
Art of War, The (Snapper) $4
Basic Instinct (Ultimate Edition) $6
Black Dahlia, The $6
Black Snake Moan $8
Cellular $5
Children of Men $8
Constantine (1 Disc) $5
Dawn of the Dead (2004 Unrated Director's Cut) $6
Deep Blue Sea (Snapper) $5
Doom (w/ Slipcover) $6
Dragonball Z: Wrath of the Dragon $5
Dragonball Z: Bojack Unbound $5
Exorcist: The Beginning $4
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2 Disc) $6.50
Find Me Guilty $5
Finding Neverland $6
Freedomland $5
Gladiator Signature Selection (2-Disc) $6
Gone in 60 Seconds $4
Hart's War $4
Hellboy (w/ Slipcover, 2 Disc) $6
Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms $6
Highlander 2 (w/ Slipcover) $5.50
Hollow Man 2 $4
Hudson Hawk $4
Idiocracy $6
King Kong (w/ Slipcover, 2 Disc) $6
Kiss the Girls $5
Kung Pow $4
Labyrinth (2006 Re-Release) $4
Lucky # Slevin $6
Matchstick Men (Snapper) $4
Minority Report (2 Disc) $6
Once Upon a Time in Mexico $6
One, The $5
Pan's Labyrinth (w/ Slipcover, 2 Disc) SOLD
Reign of Fire $6
Resident Evil: Apocalypse $5
Road to Perdition $5
Sahara $4
Scorpion King $4
Serenity $6
Silent Hill $6
Species $5
Spider-Man 2.1 (w/ Slipcover) $8
Stealth (2 Disc) $5.50
Striking Distance $4
Tears of the Sun $5
The Incredibles (2 Disc) $7
The Net $4
The Prestige (w/ Slipcover) $7
THX-1138 (George Lucas Director's Cut) $8
Total Recall (w/Slipcover, 2 Disc) $6
Troy (2-Disc) $6
Unbreakable (Vista Series) $6
Underworld $5.50
Underworld Evolution $6
V for Vendetta (w/ Slipcover, 2 Disc) $7

Masters of Horror: Deer Woman (w/ Slipcover) $5
Masters of Horror: Sick Girl (w/ Slipcover) $5
Masters of Horror: Fair Haired Child (w/ Slipcover) $5
Prison Break: Season 1 SOLD

If you have any questions, you can leave a message here or just email me at: [email protected]. Thanks for looking!

BuddhaWake 11-20-07 09:59 PM

I'll take Prison Break Season 1

codenamexen 11-21-07 07:34 PM

All prices lowered, Prison Break sold to BuddhaWake.

Frenzal Rhomb 11-21-07 11:26 PM

Pan's Labyrinth (w/ Slipcover, 2 Disc) $8
THX-1138 (George Lucas Director's Cut) $8

interested in those 2, just sent a PM

BuddhaWake 11-23-07 06:49 PM

Received Prison break today. that was super fast. thanks again.

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