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FunkTechNician 11-06-07 08:37 PM

Need Meet The Robinsons - Blu Ray Slip Cover
i bought meet the robinsons from best buy the day it came out but it didnt hav a slip cover. does anyone have one i can buy for cheap?

dat 11-06-07 08:50 PM

Whats the big deal about the slip cover I throw mine away.

I had them for regualr and hd-blu discs.

True_Story1011 11-06-07 08:58 PM

it protects the case from damage just like a dust jacket for books

hindolio 11-07-07 01:02 AM

they shiny too!

sunstar715 11-07-07 06:49 AM

I dont think that had a slipcover, i bought it on release day and it didnt have one, can anyone confirm this?


Omyard 11-08-07 05:57 AM

I bought mine the week of release as well and I don't recall seeing a slip cover on any of the copies when I got mine.

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