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zombiefan3999 11-01-07 07:11 PM

FT Twin Peaks Gold Edition Boxset.
Looking for horror dvds. Anyone interested PM or email me at [email protected] Should be +9 on the good traders list after the update.

cfloyd3 11-01-07 07:59 PM

ygm I forgot to add, unsure if you have these but

The Fly 2 disc
The Tingler

Brett 11-01-07 09:10 PM

Anything on my trade list interest you for it?

clappj 11-02-07 12:22 PM

Sent you a PM.

Mr. Foo 11-02-07 02:48 PM

Anything HERE ??

excom101 11-02-07 07:58 PM


zombiefan3999 11-02-07 11:48 PM

Bump,but it might be on its way out.

clappj 11-03-07 12:04 AM

Originally Posted by zombiefan3999
Bump,but it might be on its way out.

You expressed interest in a few of my DVDs, so I've e-mailed you, PMed you, and posted here.
Can you please respond to my offer.

zombiefan3999 11-03-07 12:50 AM

Havent got to your pms or email yet.

zombiefan3999 11-03-07 03:14 AM

Twin Peaks is now gone.

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