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CloverClover 10-25-07 11:35 PM

WTB: dvds
I'm looking to buy the following box sets:

hitchcock masterpiece collection

the herzog collection

the herzog / kinski collection

sergio leone anthology

jodorowsky collection

kubrick collection

the office season 1-3 (US)

and I'm looking for these DVDs as well:

children of men
babel / amores perros / 21 grams
john woo / chow yun fat films
sympathy for mr. vengeance
american psycho

mike leigh directed films

clint eastwood directed films
-mystic river
-letters from iwo jima
-million dollar baby
-space cowboys
-bridges of madison county
-a perfect world

mel gibsons 3 films-
the passion

(I would prefer to get more than 1 title at once, preferably a few at a time)

e-mail me!

DVDs4Cheap 10-26-07 12:18 AM

I have 300

DrGerbil 10-26-07 12:29 AM


JWill85 10-26-07 01:12 AM

I got letters from Iwo jima off your list. I got many others for sale also. Check out my list. http://forum.dvdtalk.com/showthread....38#post8240238

ChefWinduAZ 10-26-07 03:26 AM


clappj 10-26-07 08:12 AM

I own these:

21 grams
john woo / chow yun fat films: the killer and hard boiled
american psycho


myrdh 10-26-07 09:11 AM


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