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True_Story1011 10-18-07 11:07 AM

taken down temporarily due to sale on above thread^

myrdh 10-18-07 11:27 AM


indiansbsa 10-18-07 03:00 PM


JAYARE 10-19-07 10:08 AM

im interested in The Reaping - COMBO HD i have 12 monkeys

myrdh 10-19-07 01:46 PM

twilight zone for hulk?

JAYARE 10-19-07 04:35 PM

Originally Posted by True_Story1011
not willing to trade Combo's for standard - is there another title that you had up for trade?

The funny thing is about the whole Reaping trade is... I've had 4 people offer the same trade for this title.

'I'll take your Reaping for 12 Monkeys'


i have
- miami vice (combo)
- freedom writers (not combo)
i could do 12 monkeys and some $

clappj 10-22-07 02:36 PM

What about Knocked Up for either Out of Sight or Eyes Wide Shut?

starseed1981 10-22-07 02:41 PM

Serenity For Return to House On Haunted Hill?

starseed1981 10-22-07 04:40 PM


movieking 10-24-07 05:55 PM

Anything here for Knocked Up HD?


clappj 10-24-07 11:21 PM

What did you decide regarding my offer?

Donnie Eldridge 10-25-07 09:43 AM


movieking 10-26-07 08:47 AM

I didn't get a response

jfrost 10-28-07 10:59 PM

Mystery Men & Out of Sight (both sealed) for Sopranos S6 P1?


Gizmo 10-28-07 11:11 PM

Any interest in selling the Forbidden Planet Tin?

Mr. Foo 10-29-07 12:21 PM

I'll trade you a sealed Am Werewolf in London on HD-DVD for 28 Weeks Later. Email if interested.

bunz_wsu 10-31-07 12:14 AM

Any interest in purchasing The Gift Japanese Import HD DVD? $35 shipped

dyerjp 11-29-07 07:15 AM

i am interested in letters from iwo jima on hd-dvd. i have evil dead 2 on blu ray if you would like to trade. email me: [email protected]

Celpacius 12-04-07 11:00 PM

interested in stranglehold w/hard boiled for PS3

are you interested in kane and lynch for ps3?

also, i have dvds for trade. check out my list in my sig.

hakobe 12-06-07 03:00 PM

Interested in deliverance HD and Letters from Iwa Jima HD.

I have Total recall BR and Punisher BD,

truemindframe 12-21-07 02:50 PM

pm sent

notvandnobeer 12-22-07 11:42 PM

You've got a PM!

johnny danger 12-25-07 09:20 AM

ygm true story

John Sinnott 01-10-08 11:00 AM

Crank BD for The Simpsons??

StooBush 01-10-08 01:13 PM

I'm interested in Stranglehold and Simpsons BD. My titles for trade are here:


Gold Trader

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