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True_Story1011 10-11-07 08:45 AM

FT: SD,BD,HD,Action Figures, misc ((updated often))
I'm only interested in HD & BD

The titles with the asterics (*) next to them are titles I'm :

a.) willing to trade multiple items on (depends on trade - mostly Foreign)
b.) highly wanted items

Please contact me at - [email protected] or by responding on this forum. I will be updating these often...

Titles in BOLD type are newly added.

For Trade:


Born on the Fourth of July HD
Dead Silence - COMBO HD *
Deliverance HD *
Forbiden Planet: LE Tin HTF
Flags of Our Fathers
The Good Shepherd
Knocked Up -COMBO HD
Letters from Iwa Jima
The Reaping - COMBO HD
V For Vendetta *
We Were Soliders HD *


Flatliners BD
Vacancy BD
Waiting... BD


Blob CC
Faces of Death Collection OOP
The Gate OOP
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie Tin # RARE OOP
Night of the Living Dead - Millenium edition (Red case) AUTOGRAPHED by George A. Romero AND Night of the Living BREAD director Kevin S. O'Brien
Day of the Dead -Divimax edition AUTOGRAPHED by George A Romero
HellRaiser Lament Cube box set R2 (1-3 w/xtra's disc)
Shaun of the Dead R2*
Undead R4*

I'm interested in these films on HD or BD only :

Looking for:

An American Werewolf in London HD
Crank BD
DarkMan HD
Dawn of the Dead ('78) BD
Day of the Dead BD
Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn BD
Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas HD
The Fly BD
From Hell BD
The Hulk HD
Masters of Horror, Vol. 1
Masters of Horror, Vol. 2
Mystery Men HD
Out of Sight HD
The Punisher BD
Reservoir Dogs BD
Return to House on Haunted Hill BD
Robocop BD
Saw 1 BD
Saw 2 BD
Serinity HD
Species BD
Total Recall BD
Training Day HD
Transformers HD
28 Days Later BD
28 Weeks Later BD
12 Monkeys HD
The Usual Suspects BD

Brotherhood of the wolf (uk HD)*
La Haine (UK HD)*
Mulholland Dr. (French HD)*
Seventh Seal (UK BD)*
Starship Troopers (UK BD)*
The Gift (Japanese HD)*
The Machinist (Japanese HD)*

starseed1981 10-11-07 11:43 AM

Wanna trade your Knocked Up HD-DVD for Serenity HD-DVD?

True_Story1011 10-11-07 09:10 PM

starseed1981 - do you have any other title? Its not a high want.




starseed1981 10-12-07 10:25 AM

Sorry, only Serenity. Please lmk if you change your mind. :)

Frenzal Rhomb 10-12-07 10:29 AM

would you sell your Suspiria instead, then you could use the money to buy a HD-DVD ;p

True_Story1011 10-13-07 08:45 AM

Frenzal Rhomb - Sorry, I'm not selling. TTT

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