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OuTrAgE 09-09-07 08:32 PM

Many DVDs for sale cheap
$5.50 plus shipping each (3 for $15 plus shipping, 6 for $30 shipped)

Babel Blu-Ray (counts as 3 DVDs)
Broken Saints: The Animated Comic Epic (counts as 3 DVDs)
Brothers Grimm
Castle in the Sky (counts as 2 DVDs)
Chronicles of Riddick
Flight of the Phoenix
The Fountain (counts as 2 DVDs)
The Man
The Matador
Meet the Fockers
The Others
Pearl Harbor
Pom Poko 2-Disc SE (counts as 2 DVDs)
The Recruit
Reindeer Games
Reservoir Dogs
The Terminal
Titan AE
Transporter 2

All 32 dvds for $140 shipped.

dat 09-09-07 09:58 PM

I've give you $16 for this shipped

Babel Blu-Ray (counts as 3 DVDs)

OuTrAgE 09-09-07 10:10 PM

How about $12 and you're $5 amazon credit if you still have it?

OuTrAgE 09-10-07 06:40 PM


OuTrAgE 09-17-07 10:20 AM


OuTrAgE 09-19-07 07:11 PM


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