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Inigo_Montoya 09-03-07 06:42 PM

WANTED BOXSETS: Rome S2,Shield S4 & S5,Desp Housewives S3,Deadwood S3
Boxsets Im after as per thread title + they have to be shipped to the UK rather than within the US

LMK if you can help

Gypo66 09-04-07 04:07 AM

I have a sealed copy of Desperate Housewives S3, but I'm not sure what titles you're offering in trade or what sort of prices you had in mind.

Inigo_Montoya 09-04-07 06:49 AM

My trade thread is here

I will also have a copy of Supernatural S2 R1 to trade for it shortly

Or LMK how much if selling


Gypo66 09-04-07 07:46 AM

Don't see anything I want on your trade list, but (since you're located in England) there are a couple of UK titles I'm after if you think you might be able/willing to get them. I'd do a straight 1-for-1 trade for the BFI Jan Svankmajer Short Films set, or I'd trade for a combo of BFI's Science is Fiction - Painleve set plus Third Part of the Night. Any interest?

Inigo_Montoya 09-04-07 02:46 PM

I can possibly order you the Jan Svankmajer set but it will come direct to you from a UK e-tailer - what is the customs limit for UK to US imports ?

Ordering that set for you works out a little cheaper than buying the DH S3 set from axelmusic who are the cheapest UK customs friendly supplier

Gypo66 09-05-07 05:20 AM

That sounds okay with me. Customs shouldn't be a problem, but why don't you email me and we'll work out all the details? My email: [email protected]

EDIT: By the way, I also just sent an email to you (through the forum). Did you get it?

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