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dylonius 08-26-07 10:58 PM

FT HD-DVDs Batman Begins,Hot Fuzz dual,Superman 2
For trade:


Batman Begins

Superman 2



DVDs - http://dylonius.dvdaf.com/wish-list

Army of Darkness
Bourne Identity
Breakfast club
Dawn of the Dead
Midnight Run
Planet Earth

the narrator 08-26-07 11:34 PM

Army of Darkness HDDVD/DVDcombo for Hot Fuzz?

tacos 08-26-07 11:42 PM

Sealed Underworld Ev. for Hot Fuzz?

chase3001 08-27-07 12:02 AM

Any interest in The Good Shepard HD DVD/DVD for Hot Fuzz?

LMK at [email protected]

forsho01 08-27-07 04:47 AM

would you trade one of the following for hot fuzz?

Eternal Sunshine
Out of Sight
V for Vendetta
Digital Video essentials (combo)
The Hitcher (combo)
Children of Men (combo)

let me know if you are interested

dylonius 08-27-07 03:00 PM

Guys, thank you for your replies, but Hot Fuzz has been traded.

Batman Begins and Superman 2 are still available!

thuway 08-29-07 03:29 PM

I have Underworld Evolution for Batman Begins. Cool?

dylonius 08-29-07 05:06 PM

sorry thuway,

i just bought Underworld E. I have updated my wantlist. Thank you for the offer though. D

thuway 08-29-07 05:29 PM

I have Norbit on HD-DVD (missing case) for batman begins. Let me know.

clappj 08-29-07 06:56 PM

FYI, Hot Fuzz is still on your trade list.
Wish you still had it! :)

thuway 08-29-07 07:02 PM

Dylonius will you take Lucky # Slevin HD-DVD *sealed* for Batman Begins on HD-DVD?

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