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PopcornTreeCt 08-18-07 04:32 PM

FS/FT - Lots of DVDs, now Selling!!
All prices include shipping to U.S. addresses. Minimum purchase $12. Paypal is preferred. Thanks.

As for trading, my main wants are basically HD-DVDs, DVDs, or 360 games. Certainly willing to trade in multiples.

And now for the list:

Stalker 2-Disc
Chappelle's Show Season 1
Chappelle's Show Season 2 -Sealed
Beavis & Butthead Vol.1
Beavis & Butthead Vol.2 -Sealed
Beavis & Butthead Vol.3 -Sealed

The Mirror
The Sacrifice
Shame -Sealed
The Cheerleaders Collection (3 movies)
South Park Season 1

Amarcord Criterion -original
The Third Man Criterion -original
The Lady Vanishes Criterion
Seven Samurai Criterion -original
Code: Unknown -Sealed
Show Me Love
Only Angels Have Wings
His Girl Friday
The Wind Will Carry Us
Z: Masterworks Edition

Smokin' Aces
Alien -original
Talk to Her
Ran: Masterworks Edition
THX 1138 (2-disc, Director's Cut)
Twentynine Palms

200 Cigarettes
Happy Gilmore (Original)
Dog Day Afternoon (Original)
12 Monkeys (Original)
8 mm
Any Given Sunday
Austin Powers 1, 2, or 3
Ben-Hur (Original)
Blade Runner (Snap-Case)
Full Metal Jacket
Clockwork Orange
Eyes Wide Shut
Blair Witch Experience (Includes original movie + sequel)
Bob Roberts
The Break-Up
The Man Who Knew Too Much -sealed
The Birds
Rear Window
The Green Mile (Original)
2 Days in the Valley
The Abyss (Original Double Keepcase)
Anger Management
Around the World in 80 Days (2-disc, The Oscar Winning One)
The Bicycle Thief
Blink 182 The Urethra Chronicles
The Bone Collector
Candy Man
Cecil B. Demented
Carlito's Way
Chungking Express
Clerks (Original)
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
A Cool, Dry Place
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Das Boot (Extended Uncut Version)
Dogma (2-disc)
Down in the Valley
The English Patient (Newer Version)
Eye of the Beholder
Fools Rush In
Serving Sara
Friday the 13th Part 1 or 2
The Gift
Goodbye, Lenin
Half Baked (Original)
High Fidelity
House on Haunted Hill
I Know What You Did Last Summer
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
Intolerable Cruelty
Kentucky Fried Movie
King Arthur (Unrated Extended)
Lara Croft Tomb Raider 1 or 2
Legend Ultimate Edition
Little Nicky
Monster's Ball
Mulholland Dr. (Rita Cover)
The Negotiator
Nothing to Lose
Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Original Sin (Unrated)
The Peacemaker
The Perfect Storm
Pieces of April
The Prime Gig
Pump up the Volume
Pushing Tin
The Quick and the Dead
Ready to Rumble
Reindeer Games
The Replacements
The Saint
Scary Movie 1 or 2
Slums of Beverly Hills
Some Like It Hot (Special Edition)
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring
Spy Game
Stir of Echoes
Swimming Pool (Unrated)
Talented Mr. Ripley
There's Something about Mary (Original)
Thirteenth Floor
The Thomas Crown Affair (Newer One)
To Catch a Thief (Original)
Training Day
Twister -sealed
The Usual Suspects (Original)
Varsity Blues
Vertical Limit
The Waterboy
What Dreams May Come
Where the Heart Is

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