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joshtown 07-20-07 04:50 AM

FT: Horror, Indie, Rare, Criterion, and more!!
It's been quite a few months since I've posted a trade list, so I figured I might as well go through the collection and get one started.
I don't have a want list, but there is plenty I am interested in, so all trade lists or offers are welcome.
If you're interested in purchasing, I can go that way too. Only problem is that I don't have pay pal, which I know is the preferred method around these ways.
BTW...I'm a +8 on the GTL.

Entourage - Season 2
Gone With The Wind - 4 disc
My Own Private Idaho - Criterion
Dr. Giggles - Rare OOP
The House By The Cemetary
Glory - 2 disc - Sealed
The Edukators
Blackballed - Sealed
Y Tu Mama Tambien
The Lifestyle - Swinging In America
Citizen Toxie - 2 disc
A Dirty Shame - NC-17
Reform School Girls
Beyond Re-Animator
Ring Of Fire
Imprint (masters of horror)
The Funhouse
Corpse Bride
House of Wax
Cheerleader Camp
Hostel - Unrated
War of the Worlds (cruise)
Syriana (sealed)
New Jack City (2 disc)
Wolf Creek (unrated)
Land of the Dead
Porn Star: Legend Of Ron Jeremy

Reddye5 07-20-07 06:57 PM

YGM regarding:

Gone with the Wind
Beyond Re-Animator
New Jack City

visitor Q 07-20-07 08:30 PM

Hi, LMK if you see anything here .. http://six-string.dvdaf.com/wish-lis...de-or-purchase for Imprint. Thanks!

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