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ThaGoddfather 06-29-07 08:41 PM

DVDS willing to sell cheap w/o covers.
Anyone interested??

Discs Only:


Seven 2 disc
X-Men 2 2 disc
Pulp Fiction 2 disc
About Schmidt
American Splendor
A Beautiful Mind 2 disc
Butterfly Effect: Director's Cut
CKY Trilogy (W/ Case)
Die Hard 3 2 disc
Don't Try This at Home: The Steve-O Video, Vol. 3: Out On Bail (2003)
Dr. Strangelove
E.T. 2 disc
Elf 2 disc
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Monsters Inc. 2 disc
Finding Nemo 2 disc
Toy Story
Toy Story 2
From Hell 2 disc
Life Aquatic
The Return of the King 4 Disc
Man of Fire
The Motorcycle Diaries
Scarface 2 disc
Standing in the Shadows of Motown 2 disc
Steve-O - Gross Misconduct (Uncensored) (2005)
The Warriors Directors Cut
No Direction Home 2 disc
Open Range 2 disc
The Royal Teneabaums 2 disc
Predator 2 2 disc

Discs only

ThaGoddfather 06-29-07 09:14 PM


ThaGoddfather 06-29-07 09:33 PM

All work great.

Dane Marvin 06-30-07 01:15 AM

Mild interest in American Splendor since I have a copy, but the disc is scratched. It still plays but I'm picky about that sort of stuff. So... if your copy is completely mint (no scuffs/scratches/fingerprints), I might be interested. Let me know: [email protected]

Falc04 06-30-07 06:49 AM

How much for Toy Story?

Wildo1966 06-30-07 07:39 AM

No covers, do you mean no case? Or no slipcover?

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