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clappj 06-26-07 03:34 PM

FT: Scream: Director's Cut (Uncut) DVD *Rare*Like-New*R2*
Pretty sure the DC never received a Region 1 release on DVD, only on VHS and LD.
Let me know if you're interested.

-Gold Trader

clappj 06-27-07 09:33 AM

Director's Cut Additions Include:
  • Casey hanging from the tree was time compressed in the film release (it is at normal speed here).
  • When Tatum meets her death by garage door, her head is shown, very briefly being flattened.
  • After Kenny the cameraman's throat is cut, he stares at the blood on his hand after touching his neck, and then looks up at the killer.
  • Billy clearly loses control as he delivers his final cuts to Stuart.
  • After Billy and Stuart have finished stabbing each other, there is a shot of Stu's hand dripping blood into a puddle, with Sydney's father looking on.

clappj 06-28-07 08:23 AM


miz.eerie 06-28-07 08:45 AM

Is this for trade or sale

clappj 06-28-07 11:39 AM

Originally Posted by miz.eerie
Is this for trade or sale

Title says trade, but I'd be willing to sell.
Was going to list it on eBay anyway, if I don't get rid of it here.
Shoot me an e-mail when you get a chance.
Thanks for the interest!

miz.eerie 06-28-07 08:49 PM

Email Sent

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