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JAYARE 06-20-07 01:40 AM

hd dvds for trade
here is what i have for trade
- the chronicles of ridick
- the rundown
- syriana
- the mummy
- serenity
- the wicker man
- cinderella man
- goodfellas
- the good shepard (combo)
- Clerks 2 (sealed)
- the 40 year-old virgin (sealed)

Want list
- black chrstmas
- the frighteners
- flags of our fathers
- imports
- mission impossible 1 and 2
- kiss kiss bang bang

will consider all other offers. just drop me a PM, would do a 2 for one if the deal is right. would aslo be interested in a big trade.

the narrator 06-20-07 07:44 AM

any interest in the Complete Matrix Collection?

lxjenkins 06-20-07 08:09 AM

Interested in Syriana and The Good Shepherd - I have the following for trade:

Paypal (name your price)
King Kong HD-DVD
Ulimate Matrix Collection (with neo bust) (non-HD)

Plus some other non-HD-DVDs

JAYARE 06-20-07 01:47 PM

the narrator - i have the ultimate collection.

lxjenkins - didnt see anything, if i decide to sell i will let you know.

JAYARE 06-23-07 03:02 PM


JCDenton 06-23-07 11:48 PM

How much for Riddick and Cinderella Man? Or, I have Superman 2, Superman Returns, and Bourne Supremacy for trade.

JAYARE 06-23-07 11:58 PM

JCDenton - what about cinderella man for bourne supremacy? e-mail me at [email protected]

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