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lxjenkins 06-14-07 09:24 AM

FT - Sealed Ultimate Matrix Gift Set w/Neo Bust + HD-DVD + OOPs + a few more
I am a gold trader. I am mainly looking for the below HD-DVDs, <b>but will consider all offers.</b>

<b><u>For Trade</u></b>
<strike>24 Season 5</strike>
All The President's Men <b>OOP</b>
Barbershop 2
King Kong <b>HD-DVD</b>
Matrix, The <b>OOP</b>
Matrix Reloaded, The
Mission Impossible (1996 release)
Spy Game (2002 release)
Top Gun <b>OOP</b>
Ultimate Matrix Gift Set w/Neo Bust (<b>SEALED</b>)

<b><u>Wish List</u></b>
12 Monkeys (HD-DVD)
Batman Begins (HD-DVD)
Casion (HD-DVD)
Departed, The (HD-DVD)
Enter the Dragon (HD-DVD)
Lost in Translation (HD-DVD)
Miami Vice (HD-DVD)
Syriana (HD-DVD)
Training Day (HD-DVD)

lxjenkins 06-14-07 06:24 PM


lxjenkins 06-15-07 10:05 AM

one last bump

quickfire 06-17-07 04:31 PM

Interested in selling Ultimate Matrix HDDVD set?

kasimo420 06-17-07 05:04 PM

Interested in SD DVDS ?

lxjenkins 06-18-07 07:04 PM

kasimo420 - ygm

quickfire - the Matrix set above is not HD

kasimo420 06-18-07 07:53 PM


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