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orion1998_1 06-12-07 12:25 PM

WTB: Steelbook X3, Narina
looking for either post price shipped or pm, email me


[email protected]

orion1998_1 06-15-07 08:16 AM

tiring again

orion1998_1 06-19-07 09:12 PM

going up

orion1998_1 06-20-07 10:06 PM

hmmmm, anyone

orion1998_1 06-24-07 12:36 AM

going up

orion1998_1 06-26-07 10:31 PM

going up

orion1998_1 06-28-07 09:28 AM

once again

orion1998_1 07-26-07 09:41 PM

going up

orion1998_1 07-30-07 08:47 AM


Wildo1966 07-30-07 09:25 AM

Just got the X-men 3 Steelbook yesterday in a deal. Just curious, are you will to pay over $100 for it? I don't think I have to mention how much it is fetching on Amazon. As for Ebay they are none to be had there....

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