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zombiefan3999 04-30-07 09:19 PM

Wanted To Trade For An Xbox 360
Looking to trade some of these for a working XBOX 360 or some other horror dvds. If interested in a trade email me at [email protected]. All are mint or near mint condition unless noted. Have others to trade also just ask.

5 dead on the crimson canvas - autographed by Joe Zaso
The Amityville horror collection
The amityville horror - its about time
the amityville horror - new generation
The amityville doll house
april fools day
baby blood
bad dreams
the bela lugosi collection vol 1 and 2
black christmas original release SE
Army of darkness bootleg edition
cabin fever
carnosaur 2
cheerleader camp
children shouldnt play with dead things
christine SE
the chucky collection
city of rott
countess dracula/the vampire lovers - midnight movies
the crazies
critters 1-4
cursed unrated
the dark half
the devils backbone oop version
the devils rain
dog soldiers
day of the animals
devil dog
the evil dead books of the dead gift set
the fallen ones
feast unrated
the fog 1982 SE
the frighteners directors cut
frightmare euroshock collection OOP
the funhouse
the grudge extended edition - sealed
the grudge 2 unrated steelbook -BB exclusive OOP
happy hell night
The stephen king horror collection - The stand - sealed - PENDING
cujo - sealed
the golden yaers
hostel unrated
house of wax - ws
the howling SE
the howling 2
the howling 3
the howling 4
the howling 5/6
humanoids from the deep - corman OOP
i drink your blood
i know what you did last summer
i still know what you did last summer
in the mouth of madness
inferno - anchor bay OOP
its alive triple feature
last house on the left
leprechaun pot of gore collection - some scratches
leprechaun back 2 the hood - scratches
lets scare jessica to death
martin - lionsgate
mirror mirror collection
my bloody valentine - OOP
near dark - 2 disc
ONG BAK the thai warrior - steelbook
the others 2 disc
the pit/hellgate
prince of darkness
profondo rosso - region 2
prom night - platinum disc FS
prom night 3/4
raiders of the living dead
the relic
the reptile - hammer OOP
santa claws 10th anniversary edition
saw - bloodpack OOP
saw 2 uncut
saw 3 unrated
see no evil
seed of chucky unrated
slither ws
tales from the darkside
vampire in brooklyn sealed
village of the damned
wes craven collection - the people under the stairs
the serpent and the rainbow
wishmaster 1/2
wishmaster 3
wishmaster 4
the woods
the wraith FS

hindolio 04-30-07 10:02 PM

hiya zombie!

nice to see a great fellow dvd trader here :banana:

zombiefan3999 04-30-07 10:07 PM

hey bud, yeah it is

TheySentYou 04-30-07 11:11 PM

definitely a buncha gems in this list.

selling any of them? or strictly trade...

zombiefan3999 04-30-07 11:46 PM

would just like to trade. Have any italian horror movies?

zombiefan3999 05-01-07 03:08 PM

please only serious offers

rgbrown 05-01-07 03:29 PM

Hi. I'm interested in Equinox,Videodrome cc's and Torture Garden. See anything here?

TheySentYou 05-01-07 04:27 PM

Originally Posted by zombiefan3999
would just like to trade. Have any italian horror movies?

haha, that was my problem. no italian horror. thanks though!

zombiefan3999 05-01-07 11:48 PM

ill take any offer if your interested in anything. as long as its horror.

zombiefan3999 05-02-07 01:04 PM


clappj 05-02-07 01:25 PM


rgbrown 05-02-07 03:04 PM

Zombiefan,did you check out my list?

Reddye5 05-02-07 03:19 PM

You've Got Mail

zombiefan3999 05-02-07 04:24 PM

RGbrown- im interested in the arkoff box set,strawdogs,and quartermass and the pit.

zombiefan3999 05-02-07 04:35 PM

here are some wants- Any Region

The last house on dead end street - barrel release
La bimba di satana
Touch of death
The cat in the brain = euroshock collection
Waxmask - euroshock collection
House of whipcord = euroshock collection
The house with laughing windows = euroshock collection
I Vampiri = euroshock collection
Baron blood = mario bava collection
the iguana with the tongue of fire
the washing machine
knife of ice
living dead girl 3 disc set
planet of the vampires
the grapes of death
graveyard disturbance
dario argentos world of horror
door to silence
seven notes in black
black belly of the tarantula
crimes of the black cat
death cariies a cane
death laid an egg
death smiled at murder
deep red 3 disc limited edition
fatal frames
suspected death of a minor
the blood stained butterfly
the perfume of the lady in black
youll die at midnight

zombiefan3999 05-02-07 05:53 PM

reddye5 never recieved it

Reddye5 05-02-07 06:55 PM

I sent it again.
Please let me know.

zombiefan3999 05-02-07 07:58 PM

will do

zombiefan3999 05-02-07 11:48 PM


rgbrown 05-03-07 01:13 PM

Zombiefan-I'd do the Arkoff box and Straw Dogs for the above mentioned. Please contact me at [email protected]tmail.com Thanx

zombiefan3999 05-03-07 01:31 PM

rgbrown the equinox has been traded. sorry any other suggestions

Reddye5 05-03-07 02:07 PM

Haven't heard from ya. Sent you another e-mail in case my e-mail is playing games on me.

Inigo_Montoya 05-03-07 03:17 PM

LMK if anything of interest here


A few of them have gone now including CH ultrabit

rgbrown 05-03-07 06:59 PM

I really can't come up with any other combo. Thanx though.

zombiefan3999 05-03-07 08:09 PM

no prob bud

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