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OldBoy 02-26-07 06:00 PM

"Pick of Destiny" @ BB...can someone get me and make $5.00?
I can't get to a Best Buy on Tuesday or the near future. I really want "Pick of Destiny" with the Bonus disc and the "300" free movie cash.

Would someone with heart, take pity and get this for me and I will give them expenses plus $5.00? I would paypal immediately upon reciept.

I'm not saying go out of yor way, just if you're going there anyway tomorrow and could do a stranger a huge favor...

I also have some trades that you might be interested in as well, but the $5.00 is a definite with anything else you may want.
my trades...

Please let me know if at all possible. Thanks in advance to anyone.

T.Williams 02-27-07 02:00 PM

id be open to doing that! email me at [email protected].

stonecountry 02-27-07 02:15 PM

I'd probably do it for $5 + whatever the actual cost of the item is and Marie Antoinette. It'd take a good $5 gas money anyway. E-mail me at [email protected].

OldBoy 02-27-07 06:24 PM

Thanks so much guys. I was able to snag a copy so I am set. I appreciate so much the gestures though.
Shout outs to William (SlingshotBandit) and Joe P. (kicker_of_elves)!!

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