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WTF:HD-DVD & BR; FT: OOP, CC, Sealed, etc. - 5 FOR 1 Trades. Great Deals!

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WTF:HD-DVD & BR; FT: OOP, CC, Sealed, etc. - 5 FOR 1 Trades. Great Deals!

Old 02-17-07, 12:56 AM
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WTF:HD-DVD & BR; FT: OOP, CC, Sealed, etc. - 5 FOR 1 Trades. Great Deals!

Its been a couple months since I've wanted to do any trading.

Now with getting my first HD DVD player and just today (2.16.07) I got a Blu-Ray player, I'm wanting to upgrade some of my films from the basic DVD format. So Please let me know if you see anything that you are interested in, I'm pretty open for trades.

I've traded a couple people in the past, but for some reason I've only recieved one positive feedback on the transaction listings with Mao.

Complete transaction members:

IamLegend (Freaks and Geeks: complete series FOR Seven Samurai CC 1st Print)

DisneyGuy (My So called Life: complete series FOR Hard Boiled CC & HTGAIA:CC)

Foofighter7 (Samurai II CC FOR The River CC)

JasonX (My Own Private Idaho CC & Carnival of Souls CC FOR Salesman CC & The Ruling Class CC)

JKiller (Bank Dick CC FOR Picinic at Hanging Rock CC and The Most Dangerous Game CC)

illennium ( Bad Timing CC FOR Hamlet CC)

If your wanting to see if these transactions were done contact the traders OR do a search! You'll see the history.

If you see any films that you do like, I have a list of HD-DVD's that I'm interested in on my forum. Head out to Target,Best Buy or Circuit City - Pick up one or two of them and I give you a great trade on the titles your interested in

various trade quantities:

Akira (Tin DVD set) ((PENDING))
Cannibal Holocaust LE OOP
Fight Club OOP (1st printing - 2 disc)
Halloween OOP (lenticular 2 numbered disc)
HellRaiser Lament Cube R2 (1-3 w/great extras SEALED)
Let Sleeping Corpses Lie OOP (limited edition - tin)
Phantasm OOP Sealed (Mgm version)
Suspiria 3 disc LE SEALED

5 DVD's for one HD-DVD or Blu-Ray:

Ted Bundy
Ed Gein
The Gate
Punch Drunk Love
Shaun of the Dead R2 (tons of stuff not on R1)
Undead R4 (australian)

HD-DVD wanted

An American werewolf in London
Batman - 1989
Breakfast Club
Clockwork Orange
DarkMan - 3/27
Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind -
Eyes wide Shut
Elephant Man - French Release
Equilibrium - Japanese Release
The Exorcist
The Feast - 3/27
The Fog - French Release
Forbidden Planet - Collector's Edition
Full Metal Jacket
The Game
The Gift - Japanese Release
The Good Shephard
The Goonies
Half Baked
Lady in The Water ((PENDING))
Lord of the Rings TRILOGY
The Machinist - Japanese Release
The Matrix TRILOGY
Natural Born Killers
Running Scared - German Release
Scanner Darkly
Shawshank Redemption
The Shining
Sky Captains & The World of Tomorrow
Superman: The movie
Superman 2: The Donner Cut
Superman 2: The Theatrical Cut
Superman Returns
Training Day
True Romance
2001: A Space Odyseey
12 Monkeys

Blu-Ray Wants
American Pyscho
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Fifth Element
From Hell
Kill Bill, Vol. 1
Kung-Fu Hustle
Pirates of the Caribbean - Curse of the Black Pearl
Pirates Of The Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest
The Professional
Reservoir Dogs
Saw 2
saw 3
Silent Hill
Terminator 2 - Judgement Day
The Usual Suspects

I'm pretty much interested in anything that you've got when it comes to HD-DVD or Blu-Ray DVD, Because whatever I dont want I'm sure someone else on the board will.

I've rethought alot of what I'm looking to get out of my films, and I'll give you one heck of a great trade...


If you have any questions please contact me at my email address.

[email protected]
Charlie Howard

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Old 02-17-07, 02:02 AM
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Anything for Dust Devil and/or Notorious?

Old 02-17-07, 03:35 AM
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Dust Devil and Notorious


Nacho Libre HD & V for Vendetta HD

let me know,
Charlie Howard
Old 02-17-07, 12:27 PM
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Old 02-17-07, 01:36 PM
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Akira (Tin DVD set)
Boogie Nights (orange - 2 disc)
Halloween OOP (lenticular 2 numbered disc)
Notorious CC
RoboCop CC
Suspiria 3 disc LE SEALED

here is my list

beastie boys
my own private idaho
seven samural
chasing amy
time bandits
the slilence of the lambs
fishing with john
the 39 steps
f&l in las vagas
night and fog

napoleon dynamite
the crying game
where the heart is
sex lies and videotape
the truth about cats and dogs
star trak nemesis
spy game
man of fire
the one
Ifc- a decade under the influence the 70's films that changed everything
spawn 2
the bachelor
village of the dammned
8 mile (new)
Iknow what you did last summer
I still know what you did last summer
sixteen candles (new)
ed wood
easy rider se
collateral damage
what women want
my best friend's wedding
ID4 5 star
25th hour
to gillian on her 37 birthday
spice world
Mrs winterbourne
the house by the cemetery
Once upon a time in the west
classic crime collection- the french connection, the st valentine's day massacre , murder inc , the seven- ups
private parts
better luck tommorrow
ocean's eleven
school ties
the patriot SE
the shining x 2
the manchurian candidate
seed of chucky
blow out
reindeer games
out of time
mudvaye- not falling
the score
house of wax
13 ghosts
rock star
full metal jacket
memoirs of a geisha
kiss of the dragon
trading places
the church
glory daze
good will hunting
the dirty dozenelektra
lean on me
switch back
on edge
play it to the bone
the cooler
the full monty(neW)
red dragon
pitch black
the best of triumph the insult comic dog
lost in translation
the silence of the lambs
fdast times at ridgemont high
school of rock
the quick and the dead
one two three
orange county
hollywood homicide
jamie foxx straight from the foxxhole
cowboy bebop best sessions
the phantom of the opera
farenheit 911
the neverending story
good morning vietnam
reserrvoir doggs 10 years x4
the stepford wives
mr and mrs smith
the lost weekend
bad boys 2
thelema and louise
rio bravo
my cousin vinny
the chronicles of riddick
david blaine
halloween 3
blazing saddles
this spinal tap
trick or treat
kingdom of heaven
ladder 49
the virgin suicides
coming to america
pretty in pink
the thin man
im gonna git you sucka
beverly hills cop
harold and kumar
ring of fire
the postman always rings twice
the bourne supremacy
leaving las vegas
the brothers grimm
bollywood hollwood
fair game
once upon a time in mexico
kill bill 2
gone in 60 sec
march of the penguins
wolf creek
from hell
say anything
mr deeds
house of 1000 corpses
bruce almighty
the seven year itch
mystic river
some like it hot
kiss me stupid
the grudge
side ways
stranger on a train
lock stock and 2 smoking barrels
the dukes of hazzard s1
sudden death
weird science
a beautiful mind
sunset boulevard
ash wednesday
irma las douce
road trip
the big chill
seret window
as good as it gets
the bad news bears
the texas chainsaw massacre s
being john malkovich
desperate hours
my big fat greek wedding
four weedings and a funeral
rumble in the bronx/ thecorruptor
frantic/ presumed innocent
return to horror high
van wilder
the kiid stays in the picture
in the cut
reefer madness
office space
we were soldiers (new)
shaolin soccer
the talented mr ripley
the pink panther
the return of the pink panther
revenge of the pink panther


troma's war DC
vegas in space
maniac nrses find ecstasy
hellblock 13
the chosen one
nymphoid barbrian in dinosaur hell
eves;s beach fantasy
class of nuke'em high
best of troma dance film festival 1/2
rabid grannies
toxies triple terror 2/7 chillers evil clutch beyond evil - 12
ferocious female freedom fighters
toxies triple terror 1/7 curse of the cannibal confederates demented death farm massacre deadly daphne's revenge - 12
toxies triple terror- 7/7 play dead mommy' epitaph death by dialogue 12

Abbott & Costello: 3 hr Colgate hr.
Bowling for Columbine
Cannonball Run
Cast Away (2 Dics)
Cider House Rules
Clerks: Uncensored (Animated)
Cradle to the Grave (Full)
Dawn of the Dead (Divimax)
DC Cab
Deuce Bigalow
Dirty Duck
Donnie Darko (original)
Get Shorty
Heaven Can Wait (1978)
Incredible Hulk (2 Disc/TV movies)
Iron Monkey 2
Island of Death
Jurassic Park 3
Man on The Moon
Meet the Parents
Open Range
Perfect Storm
Purple Rain (Orig)
Roger and Me
Sleepy Hollow
Spiderman (Full)
Suicide Kings
Thir13en Ghosts (2001)
Training Day
Wonder Boys
loonie tunes golden year 1
master of horror - dreams in the which house
the sixth sense
bret hart 3 disk dvd set
the greatest wrestling stars of the 80's
sopranos 3-5
south park 1, 4 , 5, 6, 7, 8
seven se
edward scissorhands
lord of the rings
the truman show
spongebob squarepants-- tide and seek
apt pupil
jerry seinfeld comedian
spongebob squarepants- nautical nonsense and sponge buddies
spongebob squarepants- sea stories
slums of beverly hills
the phantom of the opera
the hot chick
entourage s 2 (new)
night of the living dead
young frankenstein
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I have sealed Dune and Training Day HD-DVDs. I'm interested in the Hellraiser Cube, Robocop, Maniac Cop, and Zombi 2. Can we work out some kind of deal involving those?
Old 02-19-07, 12:24 PM
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I'm not sure which way you contacted me, but I didn't see it. Can you send me an email at [email protected]
Old 02-19-07, 12:40 PM
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Anything here http://forum.dvdtalk.com/showthread.php?t=492569
Maniac Cop
Shaun of the Dead R2 (tons of stuff not on R1)
Suspiria 3 disc LE SEALED
Cannibal Holocaust LE OOP
HellRaiser Lament Cube R2?

Old 02-22-07, 10:52 AM
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Has True Romance been announced on HD-DVD?
Can you provide a link for me? Thanks!
I love that movie!
Old 02-22-07, 09:35 PM
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clappj: Its not avaliable yet avaliable; but in the past Amazon has been really good about, 'if its listed its coming soon'

Old 02-23-07, 12:16 AM
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Just thought I'd point out that dvdplanet takes used dvds and sells hd movies. I've traded some in myself towards some hd dvds. It looks like you would make out pretty good on some of your 5-for-1 titles...particularly most that start with Zombie
Old 02-23-07, 01:50 AM
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Old 02-23-07, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by True_Story1011
ttt; anyone still interested in doing trading?

items sent to appropriate individuals in on trades.

I can vouch for this guy. May not have a lot of feedback, but he is a very fast and efficient trader. Sending your HD-DVD's out today!
Old 02-24-07, 02:00 AM
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ygm re let sleeping corpses lie.
Old 03-01-07, 02:43 PM
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