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RichardW 02-05-07 03:49 PM

FS: Alias, Batman, Lost, Samurai Jack, etc.
These are all Region 1 DVDs. These are in mint condition and have been watched once, unless it says sealed, which means they have not been opened at all. These are not Columbia House club DVDs. These were all purchased either in stores or from online vendors like Amazon.

US shipping would be $2.50 for a set. I will combine shipping on multiple purchases. US shipping only. Thanks!


Lost Season 1 - $15 (PENDING)
Samurai Jack Season 1 - $7.50
Star Wars Clone Wars Volume 1 - $7.50
Superman Animated Series Volume 1 (sealed) - $12.50
Will & Grace Season 1 - $10
Will & Grace Season 2 - $10
Will & Grace Season 3 - $10
X-Files Mythology: Abduction - $7.50

Alias Season 1 - SOLD
Alias Season 2 (sealed) - SOLD
Alias Season 3 (sealed) - SOLD
Alias Season 4 (sealed) - SOLD
Batman Animated Series Volume 1 (sealed) - SOLD
Batman Animated Series Volume 3 - SOLD
Samurai Jack Season 2 - SOLD

IamLegend 02-05-07 03:57 PM

could trade for clone wars and s-jack s2
Dvds Gota Go....Buhhhh Bye


Buy a bunch and make me an offer!

Dvds for Trade or Sale
PV=Previously Viewed/Rental


Armageddon CC 2dvd $11
Chasing Amy $6
Chasing Amy $6
Element of Crime-$18
Life Aquatic 2dvd with slipcover $14
Sword of the Beast-Criterion New/Sealed-$14
The Rock $14
Walkabout $14

Disneys/Anime/Other Animateds All of these Titles are
$10 each unless otherwise noted

Eight Crazy Nights-Adam Sandler-2dvd S.E. $8
Extemely Goofy Movie
El Dorado-S.E.
Finding Nemo-2dvd C.E. $7
Fox and the Hound $7
Haunted mansion $7
Hunchback Notre Dame 2 $7
Ice Age $6
Jungle Book- $25(mint with insert-lowest price on Amazon is over $42 for
Land Before Time 8
Lion King 1.5-$12
Madagascar $8
Make Mine Music $7
Make Mine Music $7

Old Yeller 2dvd
Tron 2dvd 20th anniversary $7

TV Shows / Mini Series
Family Guy Seasons 1&2 $18
Harsh Realm-Chis Carter's complete tv series. $10
Rocky & Bullwinkle-Season 1 $14
That 70's Show Seasons 1,2,3,4 $18 each or all for $60
Soap-2nd Seasn $8
Tales From the Crypt-S1 new/sealed-$14
Thin Blue Line-Complete Region 2-$5
The Tom Green Show-Uncensored $6

Collector & OOP Dvds
A Beautiful Mind-2dvd Awards Edition$7
Abyss-S.E.-2dvd $5
Asian Sorority Fever Vol. 1 -Tera Patrick-Adult XXX $5
Basic Instinct-S.E. Ice Pick $5
The Big Lift-Roan Group OOP $15 very rare
Big Trouble in Little China-2dvd DTS $11
C'est La Vie (1990)-MGM OOP-very rare $14
Cleopatra-5 Star 3dvd $10
Diamonds are Forever S.E. $8
Dawn of the Dead-U.E. 4dvd-(disc 1 is replaced with Remake) $12
Edward Scissorhands Anniversary Edition Tin $8
Fellowship of the Ring-4dvd S.E.-$12
Gladiator-Extended(3 dvds only..printed cover with 3 dvd keepcase)-$10
Lord of the Rings Extended All three movies $25
Fight Club 2 dvd Oop $9
Fight Club 2 dvd OOp
Fletch OOP-$20
Forrest Gump-S.E.-2dvd $5
Forrest Gump-S.E.-2dvd
Independence Day-5 Star 2dvd $6
Les Vampires $18-dual sided dvd with over 7 hours serial-very cool/
extremely rare-selling for three times this online
Lord of the Rings-Fellowship of the Rings-Extended $10 each
Lord of the Rings-Two Towers-Extended
Los Angeles Lakers-The Complete History* $35
Manhunter-L.E. 2dvd #11734 $10
Manhunter-L.E. 2dvd #16653
Moulin Rouge-2dvd $8
Moulin Rouge-2dvd
Mr. Wong Collection 2dvd $6
Salon Kitty-Blue Underground-single disc edition-$8
School House Rock-2dvd $10
Tron-20th anniv. 2dvd $7
Romper Stomper-S.E. 2dvd $14 OOP
Terminator 2-Extreme DVD-tin slipcase $5
Tombstone-Vista Series $8
Tron C.E. 2 dvd $6
Vertigo-C.E. OOP (Orange Cover) $8
Wet Shorts-Best of Liquid Television MTV OOP and extremely rare -way below
value on this one.-selling for over $75 or more if you can find it-Only $18

Other Good Stuff

Apollo 13-2dvd Anniv Edition with slipcase $6
Bio Zombie Mei Ah $6
Blade -Trinity $5
Dumb & Dumber -unrated more dumber then ever platinum* 8
Evil Dead 2
Evil Dead Trap-Asian Cult Cinema-Synapse $7
Gothika-2dvd S.E. with lenticular slipcover $14
Hooked/Flaming Teen-Age-Something Weird Video S.E. $5
I love Huckabees 2dvd S.E. with slipcover $15
Just Before Dawn- S.E.-Shriek Show with slipcover $8
King Arthur-Extended Unrated-w/slipcover $6
Memento Mori-Mei Ah-region 0 full screen $5
Million Dollar Baby-3dvd Deluxe Edition $10
Nightwatch-this is the Russian release(Not American) Dvd matrix style
vampire -english subtitles-reg 1 $6
Panic Room-Special Edition 3dvd set $12
RagingBull-S.E. 2dvd* $10
Second Hand Lions-$5
Seven-2dvd Platinum Series $9
The Outlaw-Roan Group $5
Teen Spirit-Tribute to Kurt Cobain
The Break-Up-Vince Vaughn/Jennifr Anniston-$13
The Returner-DTS 2 dvd set-All Region HK Video Co. $8
Waiting-unrated 2 dvd deluxe with slipcover $5
College Girl Murders$5
House of Flying Daggers-DTS-Hk Region 3-$5
Land of the Dead-Unrated Director's Cut with Slipcase-$5

Have these recent Adult releases available for trade
or sale. High Quality Collector type editions. Absolutely bargain priced.All
2005/2006 releases- most are brand new/sealed. $7 each-paypal accepted.
Shipping $2 first dvd $1 dollar there after.
Buy 5 or more and shipping is FREE (U.S.A).

Candida Royalle's Revelations-2 dvd set-shot on 35mm film

Pushed Catfight volume 1

Dirty Birds

But I'm with the Band-5.1 dolby sound,anamorhic widescreen-shot in hi def
with slipcover-Keri Sable


Baby Face 2-with slipcover

Black and White in color

In Thru the Back-slipcover shot in hi def/widescreen

The Gauntlet-slipcover-shot in hi def widescreen.

Harlequin-Kaylani Lei,shot in hi def,5.1 surround,slipcover-also has
spanish and german


Double Shocker-Vol 1-shot in hi def,slipcover

After Midnight

Naughty America-Neighbor Affair Vol 1

Riot Sluts

New Chicks Cum First

Seymore Butts' Party at Butts Place

Intimate Strangers


Barely Legal

Road TRixxx -new with slip cover 5.1 dolby

Dark Sins-new with slipcover 5.1 dolby

Ass Angels 5


Latin Obsession-Anamorphic HD

If you have stuff to trade...submit it and I'll get back to you.

The Walking Dead Vol 5-New-$7 or trade

Some Wants:
I did not have time to think of everything I want so submit what you have to
trade..I'll get back to you. I take Paypal also!

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. - The Complete
As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me (Region 3)
Broken Trail (2006)
Carnivale 2
Done the Impossible
Live at Knebworth, Parts 1, 2 & 3 [2 Discs] (1990)
My Name is Jake
Point Break: Pure Adrenaline Edition
Ransom: SE
Resident Evil Superbit
Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition
Splash: SE
Tales From the Crypt Season 5

Cds Wanted
Dawn of the Dead-Soundtracks various

Also can trade for non fiction books on cd, motivational programs on cd
And horror zombie fiction books.

-Chill Out/Electronic ones like Faithless, Thievery Corporation, Buddha Bar,
Ibiza, Café Del Mar, Ambient, Paul Oakenfold, Radiohead, Massive Attack
etc.I have a lot of music cds to trade also. I have many many classical cds
can trade also.

Just submit your trade lists-lots I still do not have..*Always looking for
new releases and Criterions too-Submit it...

w in on next trade for any of my

RichardW 02-05-07 04:02 PM

Sorry, I'm not looking for trades at the moment. Just trying to clear out some space on my shelves. Thanks!

clappj 02-05-07 05:04 PM

Shoot me an e-mail to let me know if you still have these two:
Batman Animated Series Volume 3 - $10
Samurai Jack Season 2 - $10


-Gold Trader

JB7 02-05-07 06:24 PM

I'll take Alias Season 4 (sealed) send me a email and i'll send pp ASAP

RichardW 02-05-07 06:59 PM

Replies sent to clappj and JB7!

hindolio 02-06-07 12:21 AM

if available, im interested in samurai jack s2 too.

RichardW 02-07-07 06:03 AM

List has been updated.

RichardW 02-08-07 08:09 PM

Packages going out tomorrow. Feedback left. :)

RichardW 02-15-07 09:46 AM

Prices lowered.

skacore 02-15-07 04:43 PM

I am very interested in Lost S1 & Will & Grace S1-3 as long as they are mint.....

Celpacius 02-15-07 05:03 PM

Interested in Samurai Jack S1. How's the condition?

RichardW 02-16-07 08:27 PM

Originally Posted by skacore
I am very interested in Lost S1 & Will & Grace S1-3 as long as they are mint.....

Lost S1 has been sold pending payment, but Will & Grace are still available. They have been watched once and are in mint condition.

RichardW 02-16-07 08:28 PM

Originally Posted by Celpacius
Interested in Samurai Jack S1. How's the condition?

Samurai Jack was watched once and is in mint condition.

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