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HydroX2 01-28-07 05:33 PM

Lots of DVDs, Boxsets, slipcovers for trade.
DVDs for trade:

Bad Boys Superbit
Bad Boys 2 SE
Batman Animated Series (Vol. 1-4)
Cliffhanger Superbit
Con Air
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Day After Tomorrow
Friday After Next
Jewel of The Nile SE
Labyrinth Superbit
Mission: Impossible
Mission: Impossible 2
NBA Ultimate Jordan 20th Anniv. CE
Next Friday
Pink Floyd: The Wall Special LE
Romancing the Stone SE
Snakes on a Plane
Snatch Superbit Deluxe
Species SE
Superman Animated Series (Vol. 1-3)
Survivor: Pearl Islands Season 7
Survivor: All-Stars Season 8
Training Day
The Waterboy


Jewel of the Nile SE
Final Destination 3
Home Alone Family Fun Ed.
Ice Age 2
Hills Have Eyes Unrated
Enemy of the State SE
Crimson Tide SE
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid SE
Daredevil Directors Cut
Billy Madison/Happy Gilmore Collection
Van Helsing
Dawn of the Dead Unrated (2004)
Alien vs. Predator
Fifth Element UE
Waiting UR
Nutty Professor 1/2 Collection
Office Space SE
Ferris Bueller SE
Fantastic Four
Jumanji DE
Stripes Extended Cut
Cliffhanger Superbit
Labyrinth Superbit
Gattaca Superbit
The Fly CE
Airplane SE
The Frighteners DC
Babe: The Complete Adventures
Tommy Boy SE
Jaws 30th Anniversary
Snatch Superbit
Family Guy: Stewie Griffin Story
Outsiders SE
Spaceballs CE
American Psycho CE
Click SE
Talladega Nights Unrated
Robin Hood: Most Wanted Edition
Snakes On A Plane (ws)

Looking for:

New Releases (Texas Chainsaw, Saw 3, Open Season, etc.)
Superman 2: Two Disc Special Edition
Superman: The Movie 4 disc Special Edition
Survivor Season 9: Vanuatu
Xbox 360 games & equipment

All dvds are widescreen when applicable and in perfect condition. I'm a Gold Trader on the board. Thanks for looking.

HydroX2 01-30-07 02:01 AM


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