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Desidarius 11-25-06 06:18 PM

Price check on X-Files seasons 1-8 (original ver.)
I'm probably going to sell my x-files DVD seasons, I have all but the last one. What should I expect to get for them on ebay? I was thinking of setting a reserve price at $150. They are no different than the new versions, just different packaging; and the boxes are in descent condition. I figure at $150 each is for $18 which I think is fair. Am I kidding myself in expecting at least that much?

Kiml 11-25-06 09:53 PM

That would be an incredible deal since they go for $40-50 + shipping EACH.

Harold Wazzu 11-25-06 10:36 PM

Here's some recent auctions that I found that sold seasons 1-9:


Here's the lowest I found:

So $150 looks like a steal to me.

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