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kovacs01 11-06-06 05:49 PM

FS/FT -- LE's, CC, Disney, Anchor Bay Tins
Shipping will vary depending on the item, so just ask before we finalize the deal. For the most part it will be a flat $2.50.

Dirty Dozen -- CDA Box Set (senitype, stills, poster, etc) -- SEALED, OOP, Very Rare -- $75
Ditry Harry -- CDA Box Set (senitype, stills, poster, etc) -- SEALED, OOP, Very Rare -- $75
Citizen Kane -- CDA Box Set -- Classic Collection (2 Disc w/ senitype, booklet, stills) -- R2, SEALED, OOP -- $45
The Beyond -- LE Tin OOP -- 05821/20000 (tiny ding on cover, only visible at an angle from inside of cover) -- $45
Evil Dead II -- LE Tin OOP -- Sealed, perfect -- 29217/50000 -- $40
Hellraiser -- LE Tin OOP -- 20893/50000 -- ding on left edge of cover -- $20
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers -- "Ring" Tin LE, R3, OOP -- $35
Tae Guk Gi -- LE Tin, R3, OOP, #1243 -- $28 -- NO ENGLISH SUBS
Silence of the Lambs CC -- OOP -- $30
Azumi II -- DTS R3. No English Subs
Seven Samurai CC
Kekexili (Mountain Patrol) -- Mei Ah release, R0
Pulp Fiction CE
Blade Runner DC
Hellboy -- 2 Disc w/ slipcover
Oceans Eleven
Taxi -- Queen Latifah and Fallon -- SEALED
Full Metal Jacket (Kubrick Collection)
Johnny Mnemonic
The Bourne Identity -- Original Release (hole in Barcode)
The Great Escape -- Slipcover only

Some Wants (and I am definitely not limited to these)

Underworld Lenticular Digipak (Korea -- Highest Want)
Amazons (High Want)
Babylon 5 All Seasons
X Files S5
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Casshern 3 disc UE (japanese version)
Repo Man Tin
Event Horizon -- German SE
A Fistful of Dynamite
Black Christmas
Peckinpah Western Set
Blue Max
Lost Highway -- Widescreen Version
Damnation Alley
Gentleman Killer
The Strangers Gundown
Taste of Killing
Boondock Saints -- UR/SE Tin
Uno Dopo L'Altro
Joint Security Area
Freeze Frame
Black Killer
I Want Him Dead
The Hills Have Eyes -- original
The Fly SE
Gattaca Superbit
Life of Mammals
Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead
Life of Birds
Kino's Journey
Immortel Ad Vitam
Population 436
The Price of Power
The Perils of Gwendoline
Little Otik
Day of the Beast
Born to Fight
Cannibal Ferox Tin
One Armed Swordsman Trilogy
Shaolin Kung Fu Master Collection
Story of Ricky
Wild Zero
Killing Words
Short Films of David Lynch
They Live
Cemetery Without Crosses
Death Sentence
Faccia A Faccia
The Five Man Army
Fistful of Previews
For a Few Previews More
Stone Tape
Perfect Blue
Shinobi Premium
One Armed Swordsman Trilogy
The Quiet Earth
Metal Skin
Norliss Tapes
The Despiser
Deadlands: The Rising
Lady Snowblood (2D)
The Jacket
Lady Snowblood - Love Song of Vengance
Ab-Normal Beauty
Cult Horror Films
Spaghetti Westerns
Cannibal, Zombie, and Vamp Flix
Asian and European LE's
CDA Sets I dont have (The Omen 1/2, Taxi Driver, The Longest Day, The Wicker Man, The Time Machine, Casablanca, Dr Who, Dances With Wolves, Enter The Dragon, The Exorcist, Ben-Hur, Blazing Saddles, Bullitt, Dr. Zhivago, North By Northwest)

..........and many others, so just show me your list if anything interests you

printerati 11-30-06 12:31 PM

Anything here for Kekexili and/or The Life Aquatic?


printerati 12-04-06 08:28 AM


kovacs01 01-20-07 11:06 AM


kovacs01 01-27-07 09:03 PM

added Day Watch and some others

hindolio 01-27-07 09:34 PM

hiyo, please cml for your Evil Dead II -- LE Tin :)

kovacs01 01-29-07 02:16 PM

don't see anything, thanks.

kovacs01 02-03-07 03:09 AM


Inigo_Montoya 02-04-07 02:30 PM

Have some interest in

The Beyond
Godfather Trilogy
Kekexili (Mountain Patrol)
Fantasia 60th Anniversary

I have some of your wants here

zombeaner 02-04-07 02:47 PM

As I have mentioned elsewhere in this forum, there is a legit russian release with English subs out there, not to rain on your parade. It may be OOP, but it is out there.


kovacs01 02-04-07 03:07 PM

You aren't raining on my parade at all. I am not necessarily sold that that is a legit release, but if it is, that is definitely a good thing!

kovacs01 02-04-07 03:20 PM

Thats a lot of stuff Inigo, gove me a day or so to look through it and I will get back to you.

Ronin_T3 02-04-07 05:57 PM

I'm interested in the 3 Anchorbay tins, mainly the Hellraiser one. I have the Boondock Saints UR tin. Check out my other stuff and see if we can make a trade.


kovacs01 02-05-07 09:30 PM

I think we can work somethng out Ronin, send me an email . Your email is private so I cant send you a message. Also be advised, I am going out of town tomorrow morning and will not be back until saturday.

kovacs01 @ yahoo . com

Inigo -- YGM

Your email is private so I cant send you a message. Also be advised, I am going out of town tomorrow morning and will not be back until saturday.

kovacs01 02-14-07 09:50 PM


tmy727 02-15-07 12:57 AM

I have these 2 from your want list... unfortunately, either I didn't see anything that interests me from your list or that I already have it. I'm looking for Paypal... drop me an offer for each/both, if not - I might be eBaying them in several months.

Casshern 3 disc UE (japanese version)

[email protected]

Mark Z 02-15-07 01:06 PM

Silence of the Lambs Criterion
Sent you an e-mail.

Mark Z

kovacs01 03-06-07 05:10 PM


kovacs01 04-20-07 12:02 AM


wowbagger 04-20-07 03:02 AM

Is anything missing from the Hellraiser tin?

Celpacius 04-20-07 09:48 AM

anything here for Silence of the Lambs CC?


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