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Sadistikpro 10-30-06 07:29 PM

DVDs for trade LOTS OF HORROR!
Hello everybody. Heres my list of dvds for trade. Thanks a lot.

Aliens (2 Disc CE)
All Night Long (Tokyo Shock) GONE
Aragami $8 GONE
Audition (Previous Rental)
The Believer (Previous rental)
Best of Chris Rock Show
Blade 2 (previous rental)
Zatoichi The Blind Swordsman (Comes with Sonatine as well)
The Boogeyman/Devonsville Terror OOP
Boogeymen: Killer Compilation
Cannibal Holocaust (Substance release)
Chldren of the Corn 2
Children of the Corn 3
Children of the Corn 666
Children of the Corn 7 Revelation
The Coroner
Creepshow 2
The Dentist
The English Patient
Evil Dead Trap 2 (Tokyo Shock)
Evil Dead
Fear No Evil
Halloween Resurrection (Previous Rental) GONE
Hellraiser 3 Full Screen
Hellraiser 4
Hellraiser Inferno
Hellraiser Hellseeker
Ichi 1 GONE
Jack the Ripper
Jeepers Creepers 2
Me Myself and Irene (Previous Rental)
Purple Butterfly
Quills (Previous rental)
Return of the Killer Tomatoes/Return to Horror High
Roots of Evil Collection
Samurai Fiction (Tokyo Shock) GONE
Shakespeare in Love
Shinobi Heart Under Blade (Reg 3)
A Tale of Two Sisters (No subs)
Terror Firmer 2 Disc OOP
Urban Legends Final Cut (Previous Rental)
V For Vendetta
Vampires GONE
Vanilla Sky
Wishmaster/Wishmaster 2
X Tension (Korean High Tension release)
Cinderella Man
March of the Penguins
Diary of a Mad Black Woman GONE
Carandiru SEALED -
The Longest Yard (remake)
A night to Dismember
Laurel Canyon
Wedding Crashers Uncorked Edition
Jerry Seinfeld-Im telling you for the last time
OLDBOY (Starmax NTSC reg 3)

EDIT: Added a few more

CalvinHobbes 10-30-06 08:41 PM

Interested in Purple Butterfly, Cinderella Man, and Diary Of A Mad Black Woman. Anything here?

Charlotte Gray
Runaway Jury
The Crossing Guard
Puddle Cruiser
Shooting Gallery
Prizzi's Honor
Someone Like You
Veronica Guerin
A Japanese Story
Broken Flowers
The Pink Panther
Matchbox Twenty Storytellers
Imax Nascar
1st & Ten Complete Collection
Andromeda 1.1
Reindeer Games(exclusive director's cut)
Red Planet
Down With Love
What Women Want
The Hard Word
A Sound Of Thunder
Bulletproof Monk
The Rundown
Cold Mountain
Hysterical Blindness
The Operator
The Last Sign
American Splendor(no insert)
Varians War(mild scratches)
Time And Tide
The War Of The Roses
The Statement
Real Women Have Curves
Whale Rider
Requiem For A Dream
Igby Goes Down(mild scratches)
Bowling For Columbine
Moonlight Mile(mild scratches)
Bride Of The Gorilla(Image)
Final Cut(moderate scratches/former rental/plays perfectly/no stickers)
Predator 2
The Wrath Of Khan(1 disc)
Terminator 3
Mr 3000
The Clearing
In My Country
Empty Box for Six Feet Under Complete Third Season
13 Conversations About One Thing
Masked Avengers - Shawscope(fullscreen, sealed)
Killer Army - Shawscope(fullscreen, sealed)
Shaolin Challenges Ninja - Shawscope(fullscreen, sealed)
Invincible Shaolin - Shawscope(sealed)
Magnificent Warriors(Fortune Star)
Philadelphia(1st one)
Dirty Dancing(Live)
Double Jeopardy
Chasing Liberty
Legendary Weapons Of China - Shawscope(fullscreen,sealed)
2 Champions Of Death - Shawscope(fullscreen,sealed)
Random Hearts
The Two Towers
Soldier Of Fortune
House Party 3
Nang Nak(Kino-former rental)
Coolie Killer
One Last Score
Riding Giants
Godzill, Mothra, And King Ghidorah Giant Monsters All Out Attack(R0)
When Will I Be Loved
Young Tiger(Crash Cinema)
Mad Dogs And Englishmen
The Beast
The Flower Of Evil
The Bride With White Hair 2
Dragon Inn
Ten Tigers From Kwangtung - Shawscope(fullscreen,sealed)
Brave Archer - Shawscope(fullscreen,sealed)
Starsky And Hutch(Fullscreen former rental)
Bon Jovi - This Left Feels Right
Kingdom Hospital disc 2(former rental/absolute mint)
Potluck(former rental)
Between Strangers
Stella Street
Undercover Brother(Fullscreen former rental)
The Last Castle
Sunshine State
The Legend Of 1900(Alliance)
Flesh For The Beast(Please take this unmitigated piece of......)
Once Upon A Time In China 3

BuddhaWake 10-30-06 09:06 PM

is Ichi 1 the sequel or anime? either case I'll take it as long as is not Miike's Ichi the killer. lmk

kornfreekiam 10-30-06 09:11 PM


Anything here for Irreversable and V for Vendetta?

blackchubby 10-30-06 09:36 PM

will u do $15 for:

Samurai Fiction (Tokyo Shock) $10
March of the Penguins

Sadistikpro 10-30-06 09:40 PM

Calvin- Sorry but I dont see anything Im looking for in that list. Thanks though

Buddy-Ichi 1 is the prequal to Ichi the Killer... Its the unearthed version and hasnt even been watched. Let me know

Korn- The only 2 movies that im looking for in that list is Sin City and Leon

Black- Yea, Ill do that. My email is [email protected] Thanks.

BuddhaWake 10-30-06 09:43 PM

I'll take it.

kornfreekiam 10-30-06 10:13 PM

Ahh, that keeps taking everybody to my Owned list. Trade list is in the "Work" folder.

Sadistikpro 10-30-06 10:16 PM

It says there are zero titles in your Work folder Korn...

ygm Buddy

Sadistikpro 10-31-06 12:30 PM


Sadistikpro 10-31-06 07:26 PM

Added a few more again

CalvinHobbes 10-31-06 09:20 PM

Here's a few more,

The Full Monty(mild scratches)
Closer(mild scratches)
Aliens Of The Deep
Double Whammy
Dark Tales Of Japan
The Last Sign
The Peacekeeper Wars
All Souls Day
Malevolence(with slip cover)
Dead And Breakfast(unrated with slip cover)
The Hole(Keira Knightley, Thora Birch)
The World Is Not Enough(mild scratches)
Time And Tide
Godzilla 2000

Or anything you might be interested in on cd, especially in the classical and jazz areas?

Sadistikpro 10-31-06 09:45 PM

Id be interested in Malevolence and Dead and Breakfast. Diary of a Mad Black Woman is no longer available. Cinderella Man is actually still factory sealed by the way.

CalvinHobbes 10-31-06 10:59 PM

Sounds good. Is Purple Butterfly the US release(Palm Pictures, I believe)? LMK if Diary falls through, and is there anything else for Vendetta? Are you on the good traders list? Email me please.

Sadistikpro 11-01-06 01:32 PM


mjduda 11-03-06 08:45 AM

I'm interested in Children of the Corn 3, Children of the Corn 7, and A Night to Dismember. If any of these interest you let me know.

1. Alien
2. Aliens
3. Alien 3
4. Alien Ressurection
5. Almost Famous
6. Amadeus
7. Anaconda
8. An American Werewolf in London
9. Any Given Sunday
10. Army of Darkness
11. Basket Case
12. Blue Velvet
13. Born on the 4th of July
14. Highlander
15. Hollow Man
16. The Howling
17. In the Line of Fire
18. I Spit on your Grave
19. Jaws the Revenge
20. Jurassic Park
21. The Color Purple
22. Dirty Harry
23. Dogma
24. The Doors
25. Full Metal Jacket
26. Ginger Snaps
27. Gremlins
28. A Knight's Tale
29. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
30. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
31. Patch Adams
32. The Patriot
33. Pearl Harbor
34. Porky's
35. Predator
36. Pulp Fiction
37. Reservoir Dogs
38. The Rock
39. Saving Private Ryan
40. A Murder of the Crows
41. Seven
42. Sleepaway Camp
43. The Sixth Sense
44. South Park Vol. 2
45. Speed
46. Taxi Driver
47. There's Something About Mary
48. Tombstone
49. Total Recall
50. Toxic Avenger II
51. Traffic
52. True Romance
53. The Usual Suspects
54. Who Frammed Roger Rabbit
55. Windtalkers
56. X-Men
57. Young Guns
58. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Complete 7th Season (region 2)
59. Copland
60. Batman
61. Batman Returns
62. Batman Forever
63. Batman and Robin
64. The Frighteners

Tibor 11-05-06 12:41 PM

I was wondering if there is something on my list for
Shinobi Heart Under Blade (Reg 3)

my list!


brif 11-08-06 03:54 PM

I'm interested in V For Vendetta (WS?) and Wedding Crashers (uncorked). Anything on my list interest you?


Sadistikpro 11-08-06 04:25 PM

Sorry guys, didnt see anything on your lists Im looking for at the moment

Sadistikpro 11-08-06 11:42 PM


tbwmp88 11-15-06 03:14 PM

I'm interested in Laurel Canyon and Wedding Crashers if both are WS and in near mint to mint condition. Here's my list:


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