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BamBamBam Mad Frank's original DVD/VCD sale!!

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BamBamBam Mad Frank's original DVD/VCD sale!!

Really reved up and mad sale! Juts bought a box full of kung fu movies and items and I need to pay the electricity bill. Original brand new(without the plasticwrap) DVD's and VCD's for sale in the US only please.

[email protected]


Original Out of Print Japanese Mega Star DVD of Paper Marriage, with the old English dubb. $40.00.

NEWOriginal Crazy Safari Speedy VCD $15.00

Two Circa 1970's Bruce Lee Chinese Connection movie flip books in near mint condition. $75 for the two flip books.

Way of the Dragon Bruce Lee book circa late 70's. Mint condition. $30.00

Bruce Lee and JKD Magazine No. 11/circa late 70's includes Game of Death special and a large fold out picture of Bruce Lee kicking Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Good/fair condition. $15.00

Original DVD's

NEWZatoichi the Blind Hero vs the White Wolf RareKungFuMovies print $10.00/with cover
Lunatics Universe DVD $4
Chicken and Duck Talk Hui brothers $5
Ninjas and Dragons Rarescope $5
Police Story(1985) deltamac DVD no cover $5.00
NEWWarriors Two old English dubb Pan Media DVD $8.00
NEWDreadnaught old English dubb Universe Japanese DVD $8.00

Original VCD's

NEWHow to Meet the Lucky Stars Speedy VCD $5
NEWWild Panther VCD Mei Ah VCD $3
NEWKilling Order(1994; Lam Wai and Dick Wei) VCD $3
Walk on Fire Universe VCD $3.00
Brothers from the Walled City Shaw Brothers Celestial $5.00
Legal Illegals(Alan Tang) Mega Star VCD $3.00
Long Arm of the Law 3 No subs $2.00
The Pier(1982; Leung Kar Yan and Phillip Ko) Ocean Shores VCD no subs $2.00
Gun is Law(1983; Phillip Chan Yan Kin) Mei Ah VCD $2.00
Dragon Family Universe VCD no subs $2.00
The Occupant Universe VCD $2.00
Flaming brothers Universe VCD $2.00
Law with Two Phases Mega Star Mega Star VCD $2.00
Mr. Coconut Hui Brothers VCD $5
Behind the Storm(Melvin Wong vs Danny Lee) VCD no subs $2
Champion Operation(1986; Tsui Siu Keung) Ocean Shores VCD $3.00
He Lives by Night Mega Star VCD $2.00
Man from Holland Ocean Shores VCD $3.00
Pale Passion Shaw Brothers Celestial VCD $5.00
Sketch of a Psycho(Dennis Yu) Ocean Shores DVD $3.00
Bomb Shell(1981; Tsui Siu Keung) Ocean Shores VCD $3.00
Front Page Hui Brothers VCD $5.00
Dress off for Life(1984; Chan Wai Man) Ocean Shores VCD $3.00
God Father(1980; Dennis Yu and Chow Yun fat) My Way VCD $3.00
NEWSecurity Unlimited Mega Star VCD no cover $2.00
NEWWinner Takes All(1984; Alan Tang) RARE Mega Star VCD $3.00

Movies to sell:

RARE Shinkai 2, 3, and 4 with cover. VHS-r. $4.00 each

War of the Shaolin Temple original Tai Seng VHS English dubbed. $2.00

NEWThe Island(1985) RARE John Sham and Sammo Hung horror movie. VCD-r. $8.00

GI Samurai Hong Kong connection original VHS $3.00

Street Soldiers(1989) rare American made martial arts movie starring Hwang jang Lee. Original VHS $8 RARE

Revenge of the Kickfighter(1986) RARE Richard Norton/Bruce Le/Dick Wei Filipino movie. Original VHS. RARE $8

New York Warrior(198 rare Italian/French/Spanish/Filipino production Mad Mix ripp off. original DVD

50 movie martial arts pack $15
Titles Include:
Kung Fu Arts starring Carter Wong
Shaolin Deadly Kicks starring Dorian Tan
Chase Step by Step starring Chee Kung
Deadly Duo starring Carter Wong
Ninja Champion starring Bruce Baron
Spirits of Bruce Lee starring Michael Chan
City Ninja starring Michael Chan
The Four Shaolin Challengers starring Bruce Leung
The Brave Lion starring Wei Tzi Yung
The Snake, The Tiger, The Crane starring Carter Wong
Black Fist starring Richard Lawson
Head Hunter starring Chow Yun Fat
The Black Godfather starring Rod Perry
Fist of Fear, Touch of Death starring Bruce Lee
The Street Fighter starring Sonny Chiba
Weapons of Death starring Eric Lee
Fighting Mad starring Leon Isaac Kennedy
Return of the Kung Fu Dragon starring Sun-Kuan Rin-Feng
Image of Bruce Lee starring Bruce Li
Death Machines starring Ron Marchini
Sister Street Fighter starring Sonny Chiba
Karate Kids USA starring Charles Lane
Death of a Ninja starring Sonny Chiba
Ten Fingers of Death starring Jackie Chan
Ninja Empire starring Jeff Houston
The Real Bruce Lee starring Bruce Lee
Hands of Death starring Roc Tien
Shadow Ninja starring Steve Tung Wai
Four Robbers starring Shek Hon
Infernal Street starring Yiu Tin-Lung
Weapons of Death starring Eric Lee
The Big Fight starring Roc Tien
Ninja Death I starring Lo Yiu
Ninja Death II starring Lo Yiu
Ninja Death III starring Lo Yiu
Tiger Love starring Hu Chin
The Guy with the Secret Kung starring Fu Meng Fei
Kung Fu Kids Break Away starring Wong Lat Yung
The Impossible Kid starring Weng Weng
Ninja Heat starring Chan Sheng
Shaolin Temple starring Shu Feng
Ninja: The Protector starring Richard Harrison
Heroes of Shaolin Part 1 starring Chen Xing
Heroes of Shaolin Part 2 starring Chen Xing
Snake Fist Dynamo starring Eric Yee
The Master: Max starring Lee Van Cleef
The Master: Out of Time Step starring Lee Van Cleef
Black Cobra 1
Black Cobra 2
Black Cobra 3

Original European Horror DVD's:

Invasion of the Flesh Hunters(1982): John Saxon/ PACKED with extras. $5

Zombie pack 3-5/ PACKED with extras $8

Contraband(1980) Fabio Testi violent Lucio Fulci crime movie. $6

Zatoichi tv episodes 1-14, 47, 52, 57, 58, and 60. 2 episodes on one VHS-r $8.00. C quality reception.

Ect. Zatoichi tv series episodes. 2 episodes on one VHS-r, $8.00 each. A quality reception:

The Keepsake Dolls/Yearning for a Father
The 5 Swords/A Long time Ago
The Naked Crybaby Assassin/The Prostitute Flower on a Foggy Night
Journey of the Butterfly/the Soinning Wheel
The Song that Struck Ichi/Here Comes the Masseur
The Scarecrow/Greetings and Farewell Lights
The Yakuza's Song 1 and 2

RARE Indonesian VCD-r and VHS-r titles. No subs in Indonesian language:

Kembelinya Si Janda Kembeng: Indonesian Nightmare on Elm Street imitation. $8.00
Mahkluk Dari Kubur: another Indonesian Nightmare on Elm Street imitation. $8.00
Rimba Panas aka Jungle Heat VHS-r $6.00
Tamu Tengah Malam: Islamic magic vs Indonesian monsters. $8.00
Misteri Jonda Kembeng: Friday the 13th imitation. VHS-r $6.00
The Intruder German language print VHS-r $6.00
Cannibal Mercenary English dubb VHS-r $6.00

My VHS ninja collection. Original TWE VHS and DVD:

Full metal Ninja- great Korean Wu Xia movie edited with bad ninja footage. $8.00

Ninja: Silent Assassin- ninja footage edited with excellent Taiwanese acrobatic fighting movie. $8.00

Arahan Ninja the Magnificence: Elton Chong and Han Ying's last IFD movie. $10.00 RARE

Bionic Ninja: early Alex Man and Kent Cheng action. $5.00

Silver Dragon Ninja: Paulo "Cingular Wireless cook" Tocha ninja action edited with Pai Ying's Cop Killer. $5.00

Thunder of the Gigantic Serpent: Danny Lee and Chi Kuan Chung monster movie with IFD ninja action. VHS-r $2.00

Empire of the Spiritual Ninja: Sorapong Chatri jungle war action. $5.00

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interested in NEWZatoichi the Blind Hero vs the White Wolf RareKungFuMovies print $10.00/with cover. what is this exactly? is it a different version of one of the other zatoichi films? do you have any other info? thanks!
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