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visitor Q 10-22-06 07:05 PM

FS/T - Criterion / Limited / Foreign / Domestic
Hello all. Well, let's get to it ...

Looking to trade or sell. I'm a gold trader.

Media mail shipping will be free if any one of the following apply:

1) Equal value trade
2) If less than 3 sets of any other category are purchased
3) If not shipped internationally

Otherwise, shipping will be actual cost regardless of destination. We can hammer out the details later.

Oh yeah, unless noted, all DVDs are in perfect condition and cases are in very good to perfect condition. Just ask for specifics ...


Seven Samurai (Shichinin no samurai) [Original] [$10]


The Best of Angelica Bella R0 PAL [$15]

Fievres Nocturnes R0 Pal [$15]


Avalon R1 [$7]
Azumi II: Death or Love R3Korea [Enter One Slip cover **no Eng subs**] [$8]
Black Angel R1 [Media Blasters] [$7]
Brother R3 Korea [Uncut] [$8]
City of Men R2UK [Follow up TV show to City of God - Seasons 1&2] [$10]
Coast Guard R1 [Tartan DTS] [$6]
Eight Diagram Pole Fighter, The R3Korea [Celestial Pictures Slip cover] [$8]
Face R3Korea [Cinema Service Slip cover DTS] [$8]
Fuccons, The: Vol.0 Meet the Fuccons R1 [**sealed**] [$3]
Golgo 13 R2UK [Optimum] [$7]
Hard Boiled (Lashou shentan) R1 [Mei Ah Slip cover DTS **OOP**] [$10]
Ju-On: The Grudge II R3Korea [Intercontintal Video Slip cover DTS] [$6]
The Princess Blade [R3Korea] [$5]
Spriggan R1 [Original] [$6]
Volcano High (Whasango) R3Korea [Media Asia Slip Cover DTS] [$8]
Warriors of Heaven and Earth R1 [$4]
Zhou Yu's Train R1 [**sealed**] [$4]

Domestic All region 1 except for Equilibrium.

Apollo 13 R1 [Full Bitrate DTS] [$10]
Air Force One [Original - some shelf wear] [$3]
Airplane [Original] [$3]
Angel Heart [Original] [$3]
Back to the Future I II III [Original] [$8]
Black Hawk Down [Original] [$5]
Crying Game, The [Collectors Slip cover] [$7]
Cypress Hill: Still Smokin' [$5]
Dead Poet's Society [Original **sealed**] [$5]
Equilibrium R2France [Full Bitrate DTS (forced English subs)] [$10]
Freejack [**sealed**] [$4]
Independence Day [5 Star Collectors - some shelf wear] [$8]
Jerk, The [Original] [$4]
Manchurian Candidate, The [Original] [$3]
Raging Bull [2D Special Edition - some damage to outter slip cover] [$7]
Reservoir Dogs [Original] [$4]
Resident Evil: Apocalypse [2D Slip cover] [$7]
Silence of the Lambs [$5]
Sling Blade [Original] [$5]


Specific Wants

Samurai Banners R1 AnimEgo
Slaughter in the Snow R1 AnimEgo
Trail of Blood R1 AnimEgo
Shadow Hunters R1 AnimEgo
Small Soldiers R1 Full Bitrate DTS
New Love in Tokyo R1
Armageddon R2Japan Full Bitrate DTS
Terminator R2Japan Ultimate Edition
Story of a Prostitute R1 Criterion
Late Spring R1 Criterion
Story of Floating Weeds R1 Criterion
Rebel Samurai: Sixties Sword Play Set R1 Criterion
Seven Samurai R1 Criterion 3D
Japan's Longest Day R1 AnimEgo
Time R3
Ergo Proxy R1


Escape From New York 2D SE R1
Graveyard of Honour R1
Stalingrad R1 Synapse
Sympathy for the Underdog R1
Spriggan R1 Special Edition
Star Blazers R1 Seasons 1 - 3
Fifth Element R2UK Full Bitrate DTS

Thanks for looking .......

visitor Q 11-18-06 09:00 PM


lwhy? 11-18-06 09:21 PM

Anything dvds here interest you for South Park Season 3? http://forum.dvdtalk.com/showthread.php?t=483272 PLMK

visitor Q 11-18-06 09:40 PM

Hey. I emailed back. Nothing as of right now, but I'll consider one of your films and will let you know.

visitor Q 12-01-06 08:31 PM

Bump - added:

Patlabor (limited ed) [$45]
Patlabor 2 (limited ed) [$45]
Beast City - Complete collection (hentai anime) [$10]

visitor Q 12-05-06 07:21 AM


Pusher Trilogy [$25]

Omshanti Green 12-31-06 11:13 PM

Demon Spies for Raging Bull SE shoot me an email [email protected]

visitor Q 02-06-07 09:08 PM

Give it another shot ....

inri222 02-06-07 10:05 PM


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