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bilbob 10-18-06 07:27 PM

Good places to sell my DVDs?
I have quite a few dvds i want to get rid of. Many i just do not want anylonger and a few a have doubles of now since i traded up to hd dvd.
I do not want to bother breaking them up and selling one at a time. Any good places i can dump them all online for a fair price?

Kris81 10-18-06 07:35 PM

you would get more money selling them individually on the dvdtalk forums or on ebay, but if you insist on selling them all at once try craglist or ebay

IamLegend 10-18-06 08:23 PM

Recycler.com...Craigs is good too but expect to sell cheap there if selling the whole lot at once. It all depends on the titles..secondspin.com pays cash for dvds and I have used them to sell many dvds and cds in large amounts..though expect only a $1-$3 for most titles unless new releases or in demand titles and they better be in good condition including cases artwork and disc or they may send back and sometimes deduct 50 cents for cases..they do send ones back that they don't want which is nice.
Oh yea..you should also make a list for here with prices for whole thing..I have bought some lots and there are others who might be interested too.
Just keep in mind that you get less then if individually selling them.

tofferman 10-18-06 08:44 PM

DVD Planet is also good for trade-ins. You have to pay to ship them there and the discs have to be flawless, but I believe they are one of the better ones. I have been using them to trade in SD-DVD'S once I upgrade to HD-DVD's.

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