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DVD's for Trade.. Alot of Wants..Also willing to buy my wants!!!

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DVD's for Trade.. Alot of Wants..Also willing to buy my wants!!!

Old 10-07-06, 11:03 AM
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DVD's for Trade.. Alot of Wants..Also willing to buy my wants!!!

Here's what I have to trade

Slime City
Wrestlemania 19
All Night Long
All Night Long 2
All Night Long 3
Tekken: The Movie
Death Night
Tank Girl
Aftershock: Earthquake in New York
Bless The Child
Heavy Metal 2000
Jet Li's The Defender
Jet Li's Twin Warriors
Jet Li's The Enforcer

Wants (theres ALOT wanted):

101 Dalmations
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1964 version)
99 Women (X-Rated Version)
Abbott and Costello Meet The Mummy
Abbott and Costello, The Best of Vol. 3
Absent-Minded Professor (1961)
Amadeus (Director's Cut)
Amazing Stories Complete 1st Season
Amazon Women On The Moon
American Gothic
American Graffitti
American Pop
Apple Dumpling Gang
Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again
Around The World in 80 Days (1956)
Attack The Gas Station!
Band Of Brothers
Basket Case 3: The Progeny
Batman (2 Disc Edition)
Batman Returns (2 Disc Edition)
Batman Forever (2 Disc Edition)
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Better Tomorrow 3
Big Money Hustlas
The Black Cat
The Black Cauldron
Black Sun: The Nanking Massacre
Blackbeard's Ghost
Blade In The Dark / Macabre
Blind Dead Collection
Body Parts
The Brave Little Toaster
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - Complete Series
The Burning
Burnt Offerings
Cannibal Apocalypse
The Card Player
Casablanca (2 Disc Edition)
Cat O' Nine Tailes
Central Park Drifter
Charolette's Web
Cheerleader Camp
Circle Of Iron
Class of Nuke 'Em High 2
Company of Wolves
Crash and Burn
Crimson Rivers
Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King
Darkman 3: Die Darkman Die
Dead or Alive: Final
Death Night
Death Warrant
Deranged / Motel Hell
Disney's American Legends
Django, Kill.......If You Live, Shoot!
Dolly Dearest
Dr. Giggles
Dracula: Dead and Loving It
Drawn Together Season 1
Ducktales: The Movie
Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God
Edge of Sanity
Enter the Dragon
The Entity
Escape to Witch Mountain
Family Guy Season 1-3
Fantasia 2000
Ferngully: The Last Rainforest
Fire and Ice (2 Disc edition)
First Knight
Flash Gordon (1980)
The Flash Complete Series
Frankenstein Created Woman / Seven Golden Vampires
Fright Night
Fright Night 2
From Beyond
Fun and Fancy Free
Futurama vol. 1-4
G.I. Joe: The Movie
Gamera 2: Attack of Legion
Gamera 3: The Revenge of Iris
Gamera Vs. Monster X
Gamera: Guardian of the Universe
George of the Jungle
Gold Told Me To
Godzilla vs. Gigan
Godzilla vs. Hedorah
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 2
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
Godzilla vs. Megalon
Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster
Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
A Goofy Movie!
Lurking Fear
Happy Birthday to Me
Hard Target
Heavy Traffic
Hell Night
Hercules / The Adventures of Hercules
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids
Howling 4: The Original Nightmare
Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney)
I, Madman
Ichi 1
In A Glass Cage
Iron Giant
It's Alive
It's Alive 2 / It's Alive 3: The Island of the Alive
James and the Giant Peach
Jaws 3
Jeremiah The Complete First season
Kickboxer 2: The Road Back
King Kong (2 Disc Edition - 1933)
King Kong vs. Godzilla / King Kong Escapes
Lady Terminator
Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamps Adventure (special edition)
Last Temptation of Christ
The Last Unicorn
The Legend of Zelda complete series
Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels
Logan's Run
Leon: The Professional
Maltese Falcon
Manhattan Baby
Maniac Cop 2
Mask of Zorro
Mel Brooks Collection
Men Behind the Sun
Men Behind the Sun 2
Men Behind the Sun 3
Mission Hill Complete Series
Mummy's Shroud / Plague of the Zombies
Muder Rock
Naked Lunch
Nekromantik 2
Office Space
Old Dark House
Old Yeller
Oliver & Company
Omega Man
The Omen Collection
Once Upon a time in the West
Pebble and the Penguin
Pete's Dragon
Pistol Opera
Quantum Leap Seasons 2-4
Real Ghostbusters
Reborn From Hell 2
Rescuers Down Under
Return From Witch Mountain
Return to Never Land
Robin Hood (Disney)
Robot Chicken Season 1
Rock N' Roll Nightmare
Rock & Rule
Samurai Fiction
Shadowzone (1989)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Son of Godzilla
Song of the South
Spaced Invaders
Stephen King's Desperation
Stephen King's The Stand
Streets of Fire
Suicide Club
Swiss Family Robinson
Sword In the Stone
Taken (complete mini-series)
Taxi Driver
Three Stooges Meet Hercules
Threshold Complete Series
The Tigger Movie
Treasure Island
The Triangle
The Ugly
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
Visitng Hours
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea / Fantastic Voyage
WWE - Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerreo Story
WWE- Hall Of Fame 2004
WWE- Worlds Greatest Managers
WWE Tagged Classics
Battle Royal At the Albert Hall
UK Rampage
King of the Ring '97
King of the Ring '98
Survivor Series '87
Survivor Series '88
Survivor Series '89
Survivor Series '90
Survivor Series '91
Survivor Series '92
Walt Disney's Timeless Tales, Vol. 1-3
War Gods of the Deep / Journey to the Earth's Core
War of the Monsters
Watcher In the Woods
Wild Zero
WildC.A.T.S. : Complete Series
The Willies
XPW - Freefall
The Zodiac
Zombi 2
Zombie 5: Killing Birds

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I own these from your want, that I'd be willing to sell.
Shoot me an e-mail

-Gld Trader

101 Dalmations *OOP
Blind Dead and Return of the Blind Dead: Double Feature *OOP
Deranged / Motel Hell
Fantasia *OOP
Hamlet (1990)
Leon: The Professional
Office Space
Once Upon a time in the West
Pinocchio *OOP
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs *OOP
Strange Brew
Taxi Driver
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Old 10-07-06, 01:32 PM
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I probally have soime dvds you want to buy...let me know if you want any..give better price if you buy alot..
email me if interested

Dvds for Trade or Sale
PV=Previously Viewed/Rental

Criterions/Home Vision/The Roan Group/Film Movement

Agatha and the Storm –FM $10
Aaltra-FM* $10
Anytown U.S.A.-FM $10
Armageddon $13
Bad Timing CC-disc only with booklet
Beauty & the Beast
Black Orpheus
Blood For Dracula
Chasing Amy
Chasing Amy
Chronicles of Narnia-C.S. Lewis-Home Vision 3disc set OOP first edition(comes in new 3disc case..not original case) very nice set for kids
Dangerous Moves-Home Vision
Day Beak-FM
Dead Ringers
Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas with slipcase
For All Mankind
Forest For the Trees-FM*
Great Expectations
Hoop Dreams
Kanto Wanderer-HV
Le Grand Voyage-FM
Life Aquatic-1 disc edition
Life Aquatic 2dvd-Discs Only
Life Aquatic 2dvd with slipcover
Lord of the Flies
M (1 disc edition)
Man Bites Dog*
The Leopard*
The Night Porter
The Outlaw-Roan Group
Peeping Tom
Roads to Koktebel-FM
The Royal Tenanbaums
The Royal Tenanbaums
Seven Samurai
Shock Corridor
Spare Parts*
Tokyo Drifter
The Big Lift-Roan Group
The Lady Vanishes
The Rock
The 39 Steps
Um Deusc Trois Solei-HV

Disneys/Anime/Other Animateds

A Bug’s Life C.E. 2dvd *OOP Edition
A Bugs Life C.E.*2dvd
A Chinese Ghost Story-Tsui Hark
Akira-2 disc Pioneer Tin S.E. OOP
Aladdin 2 dvd Platinum
Atlantis-Lost Empire
Castle in the Sky
Dumbo-60th Annivesary Edition
Eight Crazy Nights-Adam Sandler-2dvd S.E.
Extemely Goofy Movie
El Dorado-S.E.
Fanatasia-60th anniversary edition
Finding Nemo-2dvd C.E.
Fox and the Hound
Haunted mansion
Howl’s Moving Castle
Hunchback Notre Dame 2
Ice Age
Jungle Book
Land Before Time
Lion King Platinum 2dvd S.E.
Lion King 1.5 2 dvd set
Make Mine Music
Make Mine Music
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins-Gold
Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas
Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas
Monster’s Ink C.E. 2dvd
Mulan 2
Night Warriors-Darkstalkers’ Revenge-anime
Old Yeller 2dvd
Peter Pan
Pinocchio-L.I. has scratches
Pirates of the Carribbean-2dvd C.E.
Princess Mononoke
Return to Never Land
Snow White & the Seven Dwarves-platinum
Sol Bianca-The Legacy
Spirited Away
& Jane
Stich-The Movie-Disney
Tenchi Muyo 3dvd Set
Wild Thornberry’s
Wrath of the Ninja
Toy Story-Ultimate Toy Box*$50
Tron 2dvd 20th anniversary
The Ultimate Disney Treasure Chest-7dvds*

TV Shows / Mini Series
CSI-1st Season
King of the Hill-1st Season
Friends-1st Season
Blind Date-Uncensored-3dvds-$15
Dead Like Me-First Season
Dawsons Creek-Fisrt Season
Enemy at the Door-Series 1*
Enemy at the Door-Series 2*
Family Guy Seasons 1&2
Friends –Complete 4th season
Harsh Realm-Chis Carter’s complete tv series.
H.G. Wells" Invisible Man-Original Series
Miami Vice Season 1
Miami Season 2
Outer Limits Season One-oringinal Series
Rockky & Bullwinkle-Season 1
Roots25th Anniversary Edition
Second Sight Series 1&2-Clive Owen
Simpsons-First Season
Simpsons 2nd season
Simpsons Season 4
Simpsons Season 5
That 70’s Show Seasons 1,2,3,4
Soap-2nd Seasn
Sopranos Season 4 $35
Sopranos Season 5 $35 buy both for $60
Mysteries of the Bible A&E $10
NYPD Blue Season 1
Thin Blue Line-Complete Region 2
TSerial Killers-2 disc set-A&E
The Tom Green Show-Uncensored
Monty Python’s Flying Circus Box Set-14 dvds* $55

Collector & OOP Dvds
A Beautiful Mind-2dvd Awards Edition
Abyss-S.E.-2dvd $8
A Tale of Two Sisters-2 disc Edition
Alien Quadrilogy
Almost Famous –Bootleg-OOP
Amadeus-D.C. 2dvd $12
Amadeus-D.C. 2dvd
Army of Darkness L.E. 2dvd #18794
Basic Instinct-S.E. Ice Pick
Back to the Future Trilogy
Big Trouble in Little China-2dvd DTS
Black Hawk Down 3 dvd set
Bridge on the River Kwai-L.E. 2 dvd
Bridge on the River Kwai-L.E. 2 dvd
Bride of Frankenstein-Monster Collection*
Candy #11548/16,000
Candy #14542
Castaway-2dvd S.E.
Celebrity Deathmatch
C'est La Vie (1990)-MGM OOP-very rare
Cleopatra-5 Star 3dvd
Condorman-Anchor Bay-very rare
Dances With Wolves-2dvd DTS
Day of the Dead-2dvd
Decalogue-2dvd Set
Diamonds are Forever S.E.
Die hard-With a Vengeance-2dvd S.E.
Dawn of the Dead-U.E. 4dvd-$25
Doors-S.E. 2dvd
Doctor Zhivago-2dvd
Dracula-Classic Monster Collection
Edward Scissorhands Anniversary Edition Tin
Evil Dead-Elite S.E.
Faces of Death
Fellowship of the Ring-4dvd S.E.
Fight Club 2 dvd Oop
Fight Club 2 dvd OOp
Forrest Gump-S.E.-2dvd
Forrest Gump-S.E.-2dvd
From Hell-2dvd L.E.
From Russia With Love S.E.
Good,Bad and Ugly 2dvd S.E. Set
rom Here to Eternity-Superbit*
Halloween -L.E. 2 dvd OOP #6608
Hellraiser/Hellbound HR2 L.E. tin #15542
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy(2dvd-oh yea the 6 part cult series)
Masterworks of the German Horror Cinema-2dvd
I Drink Your Blood-Director’s Cut-OOP
Independence Day-5 Star 2dvd
Independence Day-5 Star 2dvd
Les Vampires
License to Kill S.E*
Lord of the Rings-Fellowship of the Rings-Extended
Lord of the Rings-Two Towers—Extended
Lord of the Rings-Return of the King*-Extended
Los Angeles Lakers-The Complete History*
Manhunter-L.E. 2dvd #11734
Manhunter-L.E. 2dvd #16653
Mash 5 Star Collection-uncut/restored 2dvd
Moulin Rouge-2dvd
Moulin Rouge-2dvd
Men in Black L.E. 2dvd
Mr. Wong Collection 2dvd
Oldboy-Starmax 2 disc special edition-region 3 DTS
Planet of the Apes-2dvd OOP
Rambo Ultimate Edition-3 dvd set-all 3 movies
Re-Animator-Millenium Edition 2dvd*
Re-animator-Elite S.E.
Romancing the Stone OOP
Salon Kitty-Blue Underground
School House Rock-2dvd
Sin City-Recut-Extended Edition
Spiderman Collector’s Gift Set 3dvd
Spiderman 2 Collector’s Gift Set
Spy Who Loved Me-S.E. *
Star Trek-Wrath of Khan-D.E. 2dvd
Supergirl L.E. 2 disc #38822/50000
Superman Collection*
The Terminal L.E. 3dvd set
Tron-20th anniv. 2dvd
Red Dragon-D.E. 2dvd
Romper Stomper-S.E. 2dvd
The Hire*
The Living Daylights S.E.
Terminator 2-Extreme DVD-tin slipcase
Three Colors Box set
Tombstone-Vista Series
Tron C.E. 2 dvd
True Romance-2dvd
You Only Live Twice S.E.
Vertigo-C.E. (Orange Cover)
Wet Shorts-Best of Liquid Television MTV OOP and extremely rare

Other Good Stuff
After Life
American Psycho-uncut version with slipcover
Apollo 13-2dvd Anniv Edition with slipcase
Bejing Bicycle
Beyond Borders-Angelina Jolie
Bio Zombie Mei Ah
Blade 2
Blade –Trinity
Blade -Trinity
Bourne Supremecy
Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Capturing the Friedman’s-2dvd set
Dawn of the Dead-Unrated/2004
Dr. Strangelove 40th anniv 2dvd with slipcover
Deer Hunter-Legacy Series*
Dumb & Dumber –unrated more dumber then ever platinum*
The Devil’s Backbone-S.E.
Enter the Dragon S.E. 2 disc
Exorcism of Emily Rose S.E. unrated w/slipcover
Evil Dead 2
Evil Dead Trap-Asian Cult Cinema-Synapse
Freaky Friday
Goodfellas 2dvd s.e.*
Good night, and good luck.
Gothika-2dvd S.E. with slipcover
Grand Hotel S.E.
Hannibal-2dvd S.E.
Hell Boy –Director’s Cut 3dvd
Hooked/Flaming Teen-Age-Something Weird Video S.E.
In the Realm of Senses-NC-17 World Cinema Col.*
Indiana Jones complete 4 dvd set
In the Company of Men
I love Huckabees 2dvd S.E. with slipcover
Jason and the Argonauts
Just Before Dawn-2disc S.E.-Shriek Show
Kill Bill Volume1&2 Box set
King Arthur-Extended Unrated-w/slipcover
King of Masls
Living Dead Girl
Memento Mori-Mei Ah-region 0 full screen
Million Dollar Baby-3dvd Deluxe Edition
Monty Python and the Holy Grail-S.E.
Motorcycle Diaries
Nightwatch-this is the Russian release Dvd matrix style vampire -english subtitles-reg 1
Night of the Hunted
Original 3 Tenors In Concert
Panic Room-Superbit
Panic Room-Special Edition 3dvd set
Purple Butterfly-Zhang Ziyi
Shadow of Fear
7th Voyage of Sinbad
RagingBull-S.E. 2dvd*
Ray-Limited Edition 2dvd Set-very cool packaging
Reincarnation of Isabel
Road to Perdition DTS
Samaritan Girl-Tartan Video-DTS
Scarface-2dvd Anniversary Edition
Schindler’s List
Seven-2dvd Platinum Series
Shallow Ground
Shawshank Redemption 2dvd s.e.*
Six Sense-Vista Series
Six Sense-Vista Series*
Silmido-2dvd set-HD Region 3
Slim Shady Show-Uncut
Star Wars-Trilogy Box set-4dvd
Switchblade Sisters
The Human Stain
Teen Spirit-Tribute to Kurt Cobain
The Notebook
The Mummy Collector’s Set-The Franchise Collection
The Prowler-Blue Underground
The Returner-DTS 2 dvd set-All Region HK Video Co.
The Shaft
To the Devil..A Daughter_Hammer Anchor Bay
Waiting-unrated 2 dvd deluxe with slipcover
Wet Asphalt
Wishing Stairs-Tartan Extreme
Who Framed Roger Rabbit-Vista Series
Womens Prison Massacre-Shock o Rama
The Choke
College Girl Murders
Dog Eat Dog
House of 9
I Love You Like Crazy Cakes (sealed)
The Losers
Paul Rodriguez: Live In San Quentin
Reform School Girls
The Thrillbillys
Titanic-S.E. 3dvd set*
Too Far Gone
Troop Beverly Hills
Tuck Everlasting
War of the Worlds-L.E. 2dvd
Werewolves On Wheels
The Winning Season
What the Bleeo do we Know?
Without Warning

Music Dvds
Matchbox Twenty-Storyteller
Nine Inch Nails-Live 2dvd

Adult *=new/sealed (all of these are 2005/2006 releases)
Anal Expedition#7*
Black Girl Next Door-8*
Good Gone Black*
Black & White Done Right*
Fresh New Faces-6-Red Light District*
Kinky-Collector’s .Edition.*
Julie’s Back
Rock That Ass*
Black in the Blondes*
My Baby Got Back!39*
Lethal Latinas 3
Valley Girls-Vol-1

Some Wants:
I did not have time to think of everything I want so submit what you have to trade..I’ll get back to you. I take Paypal also!

As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me (Region 3)
The Boondock Saints: Unrated Edition
Broken Trail (2006)
Dazed & Confused Criterion
Deadwood Seasons 2
Done the Impossible
Equinox Criterion
The Jewel of the Nile: Special Edition
X-Files(new slimline versions except season 1)
Live at Knebworth, Parts 1, 2 & 3 [2 Discs] (1990)
Rebel Samurai - Sixties Swordplay Classics (Criterion Collection) (1967)
Ransom: SE
Resident Evil Superbit
Romancing The Stone SE.
Rome - The Complete First Season
Splash: SE
Small Gauge Trauma - Fantasia Film Festival
Star Trek The Next Generation - Season 7
Tales From the Crypt Seasons
Tokyo Olympiad - Criterion Collection (1965)

Cds Wanted
Dawn of the Dead - Unreleased Soundtrack Music

Also can trade for non fiction books on cd, motivational programs on cd
And horror zombie fiction books.

Music CDs
Secret Policeman's Other Ball: The Music
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I'm not interested in any of the titles that you have for trade, but I do I have a sealed copy of the OOP Suspira (3-disc) for sale in my trade thread.
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Sent you an e-mail.
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clappj and IAmLegend YGM
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I responded to your question in my thread. Are you interested?
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E-mail me back if you can come up with some prices for the ones you mentioned. Thanks.
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I have Nekromantik if your still needing it.
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headrippa ygm
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Is the Heavy Metal 2000 the Superbit version?
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I have Family Guy...

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I have these (all in mint condition) from your want list:

Batman Returns (2 Disc Edition)
Casablanca (2 Disc Edition)
Mask of Zorro (I got the Superbit Deluxe)

Send me an email if interested.
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