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Trevor 11-07-06 12:29 PM

Macnorton, do you have anything for trade?

I have extras of a couple of the ones you need, but don't really want to sell them. I think my need list is at the top of this thread.

macnorton 11-07-06 12:33 PM

Which ones are those? I actually owe you a few still (still painting downstairs).

Trevor 11-07-06 12:45 PM


Anthony11085 11-10-06 03:13 PM

Originally Posted by macnorton
Looking for the following

Best Buy
Master And Commander
The Adventures of Indiana Jones
Aeon Flux (Movie)
Matrix Reloaded
Gadgets of James Bond
South Park Pilot
Spider-Man 2
Van Helsing
National Treasure
The Exorcism Of Emily Rose
Boston Legal Season 1

Circuit City
Shaken Not Sitrred On Ice
Daredevil Mini DVD
Tripping The Rift
A Series of Unfortunate Events
Transporter 2

Tripping The Rift
Nacho libre

Bond Essientals Documentary 007

Spongebob Squarepants The Movie
ER Season 4 (If this one is sill out there)
Star Wait

Friday Night Lights
Ocean's Twelve
The Ring Two
The Matador
Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow

Barnes & Nobel
What The Bleep Do We Know

I have the Cras Wal Mart one if you want it. Email me with your response.

Cameron 11-10-06 06:57 PM

Trevor did you get the bond disc? i found an X-men preview but still want to work somthing out for the fantastic four disc

Cameron 11-17-06 12:40 PM


macnorton 11-27-06 08:44 AM

Just got the Family Guy bonus from Target....looking for the Walmart one

Trevor 12-08-06 03:25 PM

Just added a bunch of stuff to my trade list in the first post.

Still looking for everything in my want list there.

Trades only please.

Mike Adams 12-08-06 04:54 PM

macnorton, e-mail me about the following:

Originally Posted by macnorton
Best Buy
Spider-Man 2

Star Wait

I may not have exactly what you're looking for, but I can give it a try. Drop me a line, and I'll see if I can help.

TNAJason 12-08-06 08:44 PM

I have the Superman Look Up In The Sky 2-Disc Best Buy Version,Aeon Flux Best Buy Disc,3 copys of Seinfeld Bonus Disc(Before Seinfeld feature),Field of Dreams Wal-Mart Bonus Disc,Top Gun Best Buy Bonus Disc & Open Water Bonus Disc.

Email [email protected]

I want.....

Scrubs:Best Buy Bonus Discs for Seasons 1 & 2
Family Guy 2005 Repackages Bonus Discs(Vol. 1 & 2)
Family Guy Vol 4 Target and Wal-Mart Bonus Discs
Prison Break FYE/Sunocast & Target Bonus Discs

I'm willing to pay through paypal also.

Email me if someone has them.

Please :D

macnorton 12-09-06 07:55 PM

If anyone has it, I am looking for the Walmart 24 s5 exclusive and the Family Guy one as well.

silvernackle 12-13-06 02:30 PM

i have the following:

pirates of the caribbean dvd treasure hunt (circuit city exclusive)
planet of the apes cd-rom
the story of star wars (walmart exclusive)
troy (bestbuy exclusive)
ocean's twelve w/ bonus disc (walmart exclusive) sealed

sneak peeks:
see no evil
x3: the last stand (circuit city exclusive)
elizabethtown (bestbuy)

Anthony11085 12-13-06 03:02 PM

For Trade or Sale
Trade or Sale

Akeelah and the Bee Target Exclusive
Scary Movie 4 Wal-Mart Exclusive
Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest Best Buy Exclusive (2 availabe)
Stealth Circuit City Exclusive

Looking For

Indiana Jones Boexset Best Buy Exclusive

silvernackle 12-13-06 06:09 PM

Originally Posted by Anthony11085
Trade or Sale

Akeelah and the Bee Target Exclusive
Scary Movie 4 Wal-Mart Exclusive
Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest Best Buy Exclusive (2 availabe)
Stealth Circuit City Exclusive

Looking For

Indiana Jones Boexset Best Buy Exclusive

how much for the stealth circuit city exclusive? i'm interested.

tbwmp88 12-14-06 04:26 PM

I have the following Best Buy exclusives for trade or sale:

Maxim's Girl Next Door SEALED
Bond Girls Are Forever

Jimmy Kustes 12-14-06 09:30 PM

I have the Scrubs Season 1 Best Buy bonus disk and the Season 2 Best Buy bonus disk. Since I've already watched them and am getting rid of the sets (watched seasons three and four from Netflix and don't plan on collecting them), I want to trade or sell the bonuses. I don't mind mailing them out first to a reputable trust-worthy member instead of wasting my time with PayPal fees.

The season 1 bonus has:
more Outtakes
more Deleted Scenes
One on One with Sarah Chalke
Cast Improv

The season 2 bonus has:
Marital Bliss
more Outtakes
more Deleted Scenes
more Alternative Takes

I'm more into money, but might be willing to trade for a DVD/bonus I don't have. Post or PM me if interested.

Mike Adams 12-15-06 10:45 AM

Hey Jimmy, can't seem to PM or e-mail you, so please drop me a line. I'd be interested in both discs if reasonably-priced.

JohnIan 12-18-06 05:34 AM


I've been looking for such a place.

First off, my trade list:

Acuvue: A Clear Vision Of New Music - Sam Goody bonus DVD - opened
Big & Rich: The 8th Of November - Prilosec OTC exclusive disc - sealed
Constantine - Best Buy preview DVD - sealed
Fantastic 4 - Best Buy music sampler CD - sealed
Godzilla - Taco Bell 1998 bonus CD-ROM - opened
King Kong (Jackson remake) - Best Buy "Production Sketch Journal" - sealed
Monster House - Best Buy "Trick Or Treat" bag - sealed
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest - Circuit City bonus game DVD - sealed
Planet Of The Apes (Burton remake) - Best Buy CD-ROM - sealed
See No Evil - Best Buy preview DVD - sealed
Sin City - Best Buy preview DVD - sealed
Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow - Best Buy preview DVD (2 copies for trade, both sealed)
Snakes On A Plane - Circuit City preview DVD - opened
Stealth - Best Buy preview DVD - opened

My want list (in order of importance):

24: Season Five - Wal-Mart bonus DVD
Prison Break: Season One - FYE/Suncoast bonus DVD
Bring It On: All or Nothing - Target bonus DVD
Van Helsing - Best Best bonus DVD
Paycheck - Best Buy bonus DVD
Serenity Sneak Peek - Best Buy bonus DVD
Daredevil - Circuit City bonus DVD
Eurotrip - Best Buy bonus DVD
Matrix Reloaded bonus disc
Tripping The Rift - FYE/Suncoast bonus disc
Fox Fall 2005 Shows - Target bonus DVD

I'm also looking for the following slipcovers:

Monster House: Widescreen
Duel: Collector’s Edition

If someone can help, I would appreciate it. If you don't see what you might want, I have a couple of DVDs I'm willing to substitute.

Email [email protected]

- - - - - - - - - -

Sorry. I didn't explain. The "Acuvue" DVD is not a collection of music videos, but rather a collection of slideshows, promo images showcasing that particular band.

"No Daddy" by Teairra Mari
"Home" by Marc Broussard
"I Predict A Riot" by Kaiser Chiefs
"Unconditional" by The Bravery
"Let Me Go" by 3 Doors Down
"Armed To The Teeth" by Abandoned Pools
"My Assassin" by The Bled
"Familiar Realm" by Cky
"The Process" by My American Heart
"Satellites" by Cherry Monroe
"Get Stoned" by Hinder
"Wasteland" by 10 Years

JohnIan 12-19-06 02:26 PM

Could someone tell me what was on that bonus disc for "The OC: Season 3" from Target?

The Valeyard 12-19-06 03:42 PM

Daredevil - Circuit City bonus DVD????

What the heck's on that and why haven't I heard of it?

Anthony11085 12-19-06 04:17 PM

I think it was a bonus mini dvd cd rom.

Mike Adams 12-20-06 12:27 PM

I can see how that sucks, but I'd almost be happy if there was a movie that I cared enough about to buy all three bonus discs. To me, even if I have to open each copy to get the bonus disc, it would be worth any discrepancy between what I paid and the paltry amount of trade-in credit I'd get just to get the bonus disc. I ended up paying about $5 for the <i>MIAMI VICE</i> pilot episode DVD because the WAL-MART where I bought <i>Miami Vice: Unrated Director's Cut</i> had the unrated version and the 2-pack each priced at $19.99, but the one where I returned the movie DVD had the movie by itself priced at $14.96 or something. The two-pack was $19.99 at both places, but obviously I didn't want to let them know I'd originally bought that since they'd consider it opened at would at the very least ask for the other DVD.

Of course trade-in credit for an opened copy of <i>Descent</i> would be much less than any retailer's price, but if I was that big a fan of the movie, the bonus discs would be worth it (that is of course if the content on them was any good).

TNAJason 12-26-06 05:56 PM


Hostage:Circuit City
Hitch Circuit City
Just My Luck:Target
24:Season 5:Best Buy
24:Season 5:Wal-Mart
24:Season 5:Target
Family Guy:Wal-Mart
The Descent:Wal-Mart
The Descent:Best Buy
The Descent:Circuit City

They do not have to be originals.

TNAJason 12-26-06 05:59 PM

Trevor,is the Snakes on a Plane Preview DVD still available? I'd pay $5 for it. That okay? LMK

[email protected]

The Valeyard 12-27-06 08:20 PM

Looking for the Smallville Season 5 Best Buy disc.

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