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foofighters7 08-10-06 09:32 PM

Selling Entire Criterion Collection DVDs Rares OOPs everything
Alright Well I decided to sell pretty much all my Criterion DVDS. I dont really want to do it but I kind of need to.

IM a GOLD trader, Yada Yada, check me out, Im not gonna rip anyone off, Im on ebay under foo*_fighters* and have something like 600+ positive feedbacks.


Shipping is 2.00 for 10-30 dollars, from 30-60 its 3.00 and from 60-100.00 its 4.00. Over 100.00 and shipping is free. THIS RELATES ONLY TO DEALS IN THE U.S. Canada isnt included, BUT I will give you Crazy Canucks a good deal anyways.

I prefer money orders, BUT if you want to pay with paypal thats fine, but if so, please add .60 cents to each dvd bought.

If your wanting to buy many, I can give SOME discount but not anything major. You can email me to make an offer, but cant guarentee anything.


IF You do buy over 250.00 worth ill throw in some goodies. Cant tell you what, probably just a couple other dvds. (not criterion)

First to make a post saying they want it gets it.

ALSO-- if you email me and dont hear directly back dont get ticked, I very well may be gone over the weekend. Like I said, if you want it, Post saying you want it.

My paypal is [email protected]

If you do post what you want, and your the first to post for that dvd, and want to go ahead and pay thru paypal (if thats how your paying) you can go ahead and send payment.


Chihuly Over Venice Sealed OOP with Criterion Collection security sticker 50.00

Grand Illusion 21.00

The Lady Vanishes 21.00

Beauty and the Beast Original OOP 35.00

A Night to Remember Sealed 21.00

Walkabout 17.00

Samurai I sealed - 17.00

Samurai II - 17.00

Samurai III sealed - 17.00

The Naked Kiss 17.00

Shock Corridor sealed 18.00

Out of Print Real 55.00

Alphaville 17.00

The Long Good Friday sealed 18.00

Picnic at Hanging Rock 17.00

M original oop 15.00

Great Expectations 19.00

Nanook of the North sealed 17.00

Andrei Rublev 21.00

Diabolique 17.00

The Wages of Fear original oop 16.00

Branded to Kill 17.00

Tokyo Drifter 17.00

Armageddon 21.00

Lord of the Flies 21.00

The Red Shoes 21.00

Taste of Cherry 17.00

The Most Dangerous Game 17.00

Insomnia 17.00

Black Orpheus 17.00

And the Ship Sails On sealed 18.00

Brazil 3 disc box set 34.00

Yojimbo 16.00

Charade 21.00

The Night Porter Sealed 18.00

Autumn Sonata 21.00

The Passion of Joan of Arc 22.00

The Third Man 21.00

The Last Temptation of Christ 21.00

Le million sealed 18.00

Cleo from 5 to 7 sealed 18.00

Vagabond 17.00

Chasing Amy 10.00

Brief Encounter 21.00

And God Created Woman 17.00

W.C. Fields - Six Short Films 17.00

The Element of Crime 21.00

Hamlet 17.00

Good Morning 17.00

Sisters 17.00

Kwaidan 17.00

Black Narcissus 21.00

Written on the Wind Sirk, 17.00

Beastie Boys Video Anthology 17.00

Cries and Whispers 17.00

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie 21.00

Double Suicide 17.00

Coup de torchon sealed 18.00

Mona Lisa 21.00

The Scarlet Empress sealed 18.00

M. Hulot's Holiday sealed 18.00

Big Deal on Madonna Street 18.00

My Man Godfrey 21.00

Rififi 17.00

The Hidden Fortress 17.00

Diary of a Chambermaid 17.00

Withnail and I 17.00

How to Get Ahead in Advertising
Out of Print Sealed 70.00

Salesman 21.00

Dreyer Box Set 45.00
Box Set Dreyer, Day of Wrath
Carl Th. Dreyer - My Métier

Le trou 17.00

The Shop on Main Street 17.00

Closely Watched Trains 17.00

The Ruling Class 21.00

The Vanishing 17.00

Häxan 21.00

Rebecca 75.00
Out of Print

Spellbound 50.00
Out of Print

Rashomon 21.00

Wild Strawberries 22.00

Children of Paradise 21.00

The Last Wave 17.00

That Obscure Object of Desire 17.00

Loves of a Blonde 17.00

The Firemen's Ball sealed 18.00

The Cranes Are Flying sealed 18.00

Ballad of a Soldier sealed 18.00

Juliet of the Spirits sealed 18.00

George Washington 21.00

General Idi Amin Dada 17.00

The Horse's Mouth 17.00

Tokyo Olympiad sealed 22.00

The Importance of Being Earnest 17.00

À Nous la Liberté 17.00

Under the Roofs of Paris sealed 18.00

Hopscotch sealed 18.00

The Complete Monterey Pop Festival 45.00
Box Set
Monterey Pop
Jimi Plays Monterey & Shake! Otis at Monterey

Contempt 21.00

Pépé le Moko sealed 18.00

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp 21.00

Band of Outsiders 17.00

My Life as a Dog sealed 22.00

I Am Curious... 22.00
Box Set
I Am Curious—Yellow
I Am Curious—Blue

Straw Dogs 28.00
Out of Print

Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne 17.00

The White Sheik sealed 18.00

Throne of Blood 21.00

Jubilee 21.00

Coup de Grâce sealed 18.00

Quai des Orfèvres 17.00

Il posto sealed 18.00

I Fidanzati sealed 18.00

Hiroshima mon amour sealed 22.00

Schizopolis 21.00

Honeymoon Killers 17.00

Umberto D. 17.00

The BRD Trilogy 48.00
Box Set
The Marriage of Maria Braun
Veronika Voss

The Pornographers sealed 18.00

Richard III sealed 22.00

The Rules of the Game 21.00

Tokyo Story 21.00

La strada 21.00

Diary of a Country Priest 21.00

Maîtresse sealed 18.00

Pickup on South Street 17.00

Tunes of Glory sealed 18.00

Onibaba sealed 18.00

Le Corbeau 17.00

Scenes from a Marriage 30.00

3 Women 21.00

The Testament of Dr. Mabuse sealed 22.00

A / Floating Weeds Story of Floating Weeds 21.00

The Tin Drum 21.00

The Leopard 30.00

Mamma Roma sealed 22.00

Smiles of a Summer Night sealed 22.00

The Lower Depths sealed 22.00

Early Summer sealed 22.00

Stage and Spectacle: Three Films by Jean Renoir sealed 50.00
Box Set
The Golden Coach
French Cancan
Elena and Her Men

I Vitelloni sealed 18.00

The Battle of Algiers 30.00

John Cassavetes: Five Films 80.00
Box Set
A Woman Under the Influence
The Killing of a Chinese Bookie
Opening Night
A Constant Forge

Tanner '88 sealed 18.00

Fat Girl 17.00

Eyes Without a Face

Fanny and Alexander Box Set Sealed 38.00

Youth of the Beast 17.00

Fighting Elegy sealed 18.00

Casque d’or 21.00

Touchez pas au grisbi 17.00

La commare secca 17.00

Night and the City 21.00

Tout va bien sealed 18.00

The River 17.00

L' eclisse 21.00

Young Törless sealed 18.00

The Sword of Doom sealed 18.00

Andrzej Wajda: Three War Films Sealed 50.00
Box Set
A Generation
Ashes and Diamonds

Divorce Italian Style 21.00

Burden of Dreams 21.00

F for Fake 21.00

The Phantom of Liberty sealed 18.00

Heaven Can Wait 17.00

Unfaithfully Yours sealed 18.00

The Flowers of St. Francis sealed 18.00

The Browning Version sealed 18.00

Crazed Fruit sealed 18.00

Le notti bianche sealed 18.00

Au hasard Balthazar sealed 18.00

An Angel at My Table 21.00

Harakiri sealed 22.00

Bad Timing 17.00

The Man Who Fell to Earth 21.00

Boudu Saved from Drowning sealed 18.00

Naked 21.00

Pickpocket 21.00

The Tales of Hoffmann 21.00

Forbidden Games sealed 18.00

Young Mr. Lincoln 21.00

The Complete Mr. Arkadin 30.00

The Children Are Watching Us sealed 18.00

La bête humaine sealed 18.00

Junebug- 7.00
You Me and Everyone We Know- 7.00
Thumbsucker- 7.00
Last Days 7.00
Beyound The Sea 5.00
Pretty Baby 6.00
E.T. Ultimate dvd box set 45.00
Akira 2dvd in metal tin Sealed 30.00
Peter Pan Disney SE OOP 20.00
20000 leagues under the sea sealed 2dvd 12.00
A Room With a View 2dvd 14.00
Remains of the Day 16.00

Arpeggi 08-10-06 10:02 PM


Cameron 08-10-06 10:22 PM

Flesh for Frankenstein 40.00
The Devil and Daniel Webster 21.00
Red Beard sealed 22.00
The Unbearable Lightness of Being 35
The Blob sealed 22.00
by Brakhage—an anthology sealed 22.00

give me the discount price...plus shipping etc. you can email me or leave it here..i have paypal

Arpeggi 08-10-06 10:23 PM

Ok I'm gonna post what I want too:

Naked Lunch
Stray Dog
Shoot the Piano Player

Email me a good price for the lot, thanks!

N0treDom 08-10-06 10:28 PM

I am interested in:

Ran sealed 22.00

foofighters7 08-10-06 10:40 PM

Cameron 156.00 shipped via money order or 160.00 shipped via paypal

Arpeggi 122.00 shipped via money order or 126.00 shipped via paypal

Notredom 24.00 shipped via money order or 24.60 via paypal


Arpeggi 08-10-06 10:54 PM

Can I just take Naked Lunch, Videodrome and Slacker for $63?


clappj 08-10-06 10:57 PM

Interested in your:
Henry V

and possibly:
Samurai Rebellion
Sword of the Beast
Samurai Spy

Would you be willing to go $100 for them?

foofighters7 08-10-06 11:03 PM

Arpeggi 63.00 shipped via money order or 64.50 with paypal

foofighters7 08-10-06 11:08 PM

Clappj I will do 100.00 via money order, or 104.00 via paypal


clappj 08-10-06 11:15 PM

Originally Posted by foofighters7
Clappj I will do 100.00 via money order, or 104.00 via paypal


As long as everything's complete and "minty-fresh," then this sounds good to me!
I think I'll go with the M.O. option.
Consider them sold. :)
Thanks for the discs!

foofighters7 08-10-06 11:17 PM

Its leaving a fresh and wintergreen taste in my mouth as we speak Clappj!

send to
Shawn Coghill
7745 W. Co. Rd. 800 N.
E.Town, IN 47232

ill put em on hold

Nidreu 08-10-06 11:37 PM

Hey I'm interested in these, please give me the discount price.

Sid and Nancy
Salvator Giuliano
Story of Floating Weeds
Divorce Italian Style
Jules and Jim
Autumn Sonata

Thanks and have a good one.

foofighters7 08-10-06 11:47 PM

Nidreu 147.00 shipped via money order
151.00 shipped via paypal


Nidreu 08-10-06 11:51 PM

I added a few to the list, I dont think you saw the update.

foofighters7 08-10-06 11:56 PM

Nidreu your right,, ok here is the new one 227.00 with money order
or 233.00 via paypal


Arpeggi 08-10-06 11:57 PM

Ok I will send you money via Paypal.

$64.50 for

Naked Lunch

foofighters7 08-11-06 12:06 AM

thats fine


yeldarb367 08-11-06 12:17 AM

Good evening fellow Senior Member. I'm so sad to see someone part with such an amazing collection but as they always say, "your loss is my gain." I've bought from you before so I know I can be assured that all of these are in fantastic condition. Anyways, if I could get a quote on the following five it would be much appreciated.

My Own Private Idaho
Short Cuts

P.S. I have enough money in my Paypal balance to cover these. Therefore, you shouldn't be charged any fees for receiving the payment.

foofighters7 08-11-06 12:26 AM

thanks Yeldarb 100.00 shipped via paypal


yeldarb367 08-11-06 12:34 AM

Payment sent. When do you expect to be shipping them?

foofighters7 08-11-06 12:43 AM

should go out tommorow, you just caught me before im quiting for tonight, so yours should go out tommorow

yeldarb367 08-11-06 12:46 AM




Arpeggi 08-11-06 12:50 AM

ok foofighters, payment of $64.50 for Naked Lunch, Videodrome and Slacker sent.

foofighters7 08-11-06 12:57 AM

arpeggi just got yours too
will go out 2mrow


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