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IamLegend 08-06-06 07:57 PM

More Added-The Saint Box Set,Tv Sets..nifty stuff-hundreds for trade
Here is my latest Trade/For Sale List. Feel free to email me what you have to trade.

Dvds for Trade or Sale
PV=Previously Viewed/Rental

Criterions/Home Vision/The Roan Group/Film Movement

Agatha and the Storm –FM
Anytown U.S.A.-FM
A Night to Remember
Bad Timing CC-disc only with booklet
Beauty & the Beast
Black Orpheus
Blood For Dracula
Chasing Amy
Chronicles of Narnia-C.S. Lewis-Home Vision 3disc set OOP.(comes in 2 amray cases(not original case -artwork loose)
Dangerous Moves-Home Vision
Day Beak-FM
Dead Ringers
For All Mankind
Forest For the Trees-FM*
Great Expectations
Kanto Wanderer-HV
Le Grand Voyage-FM
Life Aquatic-1 disc edition
Life Aquatic 2dvd-Discs Only
Life Aquatic 2dvd with slipcover
Lord of the Flies
M (1 disc edition)
Man Bites Dog*
The Leopard*
The Night Porter
The Outlaw-Roan Group
Peeping Tom
Roads to Koktebel-FM
The Royal Tenanbaums
The Royal Tenanbaums
Seven Samurai
Shock Corridor
Silence of the Lambs*
Spare Parts*
Straw Dogs
Tokyo Drifter
The Big Lift-Roan Group
The Lady Vanishes
The 39 Steps
Um Deusc Trois Solei-HV
The Vanishing

Disneys/Anime/Other Animateds

A Bug’s Life C.E. 2dvd *OOP Edition
A Bugs Life C.E.*2dvd
A Chinese Ghost Story-Tsui Hark
Akira-2 disc Pioneer Tin S.E. OOP
Aladdin 2 dvd Platinum
Atlantis-Lost Empire
Castle in the Sky
Clerks Animated-Uncensored 2dvd
Extemely Goofy Movie
El Dorado-S.E.
Fanatasia-60th anniversary edition
Finding Nemo-2dvd C.E.
Fox and the Hound
Haunted mansion
Howl’s Moving Castle
Hunchback Notre Dame 2
Ice Age
Jungle Book
Land Before Time
Lilo & Stitch
Make Mine Music
Make Mine Music
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins-Gold
Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas
Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas
Monster’s Ink C.E. 2dvd
Mulan 2
Night Warriors-Darkstalkers’ Revenge-anime
Old Yeller 2dvd
Peter Pan
Pinocchio-L.I. has scratches
Pirates of the Carribbean-2dvd C.E.
Princess Mononoke
Return to Never Land
Snow White & the Seven Dwarves-platinum
Sol Bianca-The Legacy
Spirited Away
& Jane
Stich-The Movie-Disney
Tenchi Muyo 3dvd Set
Wild Thornberry’s
Wrath of the Ninja
Toy Story-Ultimate Toy Box*$60
Tron 2dvd 20th anniversary
The Ultimate Disney Treasure Chest-7dvds*

TV Shows / Mini Series
Combat-Season 1-Campaign 1-4dvds
CSI-1st Season
King of the Hill-1st Season
Friends-1st Season
Blind Date-Uncensored-3dvds-$15
Boy Meets World-1st season
Boy Meets World-2nd season
Curb Your Enthusiasm-1st Season $15
Dead Like Me-First Season
Dawsons Creek-Fisrt Season
Enemy at the Door-Series 1*
Enemy at the Door-Series 2*
Family Guy Seasons 1&2
Mad About You-S-1 $15
Mr. Show
Outer Limits Season One-oringinal SEries
Roots25th Anniversary Edition
Second Sight Series 1&2-Clive Owen
Simpsons Season 5
Soap-2nd Seasn
Star Trek Dep Space Nine-1st Season
Mysteries of the Bible A&E $10
NYPD Blue Season 1
TSerial Killers-2 disc set-A&E
Surreal Life-5th season*
The Saint-Ultimate Collection 14dvd Set-Sealed/New
The Tom Green Show-Uncensored
Monty Python’s Flying Circus Box Set-14 dvds* $75

Collector & OOP Dvds
A Beautiful Mind-2dvd Awards Edition
Abyss-S.E.-2dvd $8
A Tale of Two Sisters-2 disc Edition
Almost Famous –Bootleg-OOP
Amadeus-D.C. 2dvd $12
Amadeus-D.C. 2dvd
Army of Darkness L.E. 2dvd #18794
Basic Instinct-S.E. Ice Pick
Back to the Future Trilogy
Ben Hur-4dvd C.E.*
Big Trouble in Little China 2dvd DTS-$12
Big Trouble in Little China-2dvd DTS
Big Trouble in Little China-2dvd DTS
Black Hawk Down 3 dvd set
Bridge on the River Kwai-L.E. 2 dvd
Bridge on the River Kwai-L.E. 2 dvd
Bride of Frankenstein-Monster Collection*
Candy #11548/16,000
Candy #14542
Castaway-2dvd S.E.
Celebrity Deathmatch
C'est La Vie (1990)-MGM OOP-very rare
Classic Comedies Collection-6 titles
Cleopatra-5 Star 3dvd
Condorman-Anchor Bay-very rare
Dances With Wolves-2dvd DTS
Day of the Dead-2dvd
Decalogue-2dvd Set
Die hard-With a Vengeance-2dvd S.E.
Dawn of the Dead-U.E. 4dvd-$25
Doors-S.E. 2dvd
Doctor Zhivago-2dvd
Dracula-Classic Monster Collection
Evil Dead-Elite S.E.
Faces of Death
Fellowship of the Ring-4dvd S.E.
Fight Club 2 dvd OOp
Forrest Gump-S.E.-2dvd
Forrest Gump-S.E.-2dvd
From Hell-2dvd L.E.
Godfather Collection Box Set
Good,Bad and Ugly 2dvd S.E. Set
rom Here to Eternity-Superbit*
Hellraiser/Hellbound HR2 L.E. tin #15542
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy(2dvd-oh yea the 6 part cult series)
Masterworks of the German Horror Cinema-2dvd
I Drink Your Blood-Director’s Cut-OOP
Independence Day-5 Star 2dvd
Independence Day-5 Star 2dvd
Last of the Summer of Wine-4dvd
Les Vampires
License to Kill S.E*
Live and Let Die-S.E.
Lord of the Rings-Fellowship of the Rings-Extended
Lord of the Rings-Two Towers—Extended
Los Angeles Lakers-The Complete History*
Manhunter-L.E. 2dvd #11734
Manhunter-L.E. 2dvd #16653
Moulin Rouge-2dvd
Moulin Rouge-2dvd
Men in Black L.E. 2dvd
Mr. Wong Collection 2dvd
Oldboy-Starmax 2 disc special edition-region 3 DTS
Planet of the Apes-2dvd OOP
Re-Animator-Millenium Edition 2dvd*
Re-animator-Elite S.E.
Salon Kitty-Blue Underground
School House Rock-2dvd
Sin City-Recut-Extended Edition
Spiderman Collector’s Gift Set 3dvd
Spiderman 2 Collector’s Gift Set
Spy Who Loved Me-S.E. *
Star Trek-Wrath of Khan-D.E. 2dvd
Supergirl L.E. 2 disc #38822/50000
Superman Collection*
Suspira-L.E. 3 discs* # 715/60,000-$20
The Beyond-L.E. tin #5482/20000
Tron-20th anniv. 2dvd
True Romance-S.E. 2dvd
Red Dragon-D.E. 2dvd
Romper Stomper-S.E. 2dvd
The Hire*
Terminator 2-Extreme DVD-tin slipcase
Three Colors Box set
Tombstone-Vista Series
Tron C.E. 2 dvd
True Romance-2dvd
Vertigo-C.E. (Orange Cover)

Other Good Stuff
After Life
American Psycho-uncut version with slipcover
Bejing Bicycle
Beyond Borders-Angelina Jolie
Bio Zombie Mei Ah
Blade 2
Blade –Trinity
Blade -Trinity
Bourne Supremecy
Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Capturing the Friedman’s-2dvd set
Clerks X-3 dvd set
Dawn of the Dead-Unrated/2004
Deer Hunter-Legacy Series*
The Devil’s Backbone-S.E.
Enter the Dragon S.E. 2 disc
Exorcism of Emily Rose S.E. unrated w/slipcover
Evil Dead 2
Evil Dead Trap-Asian Cult Cinema-Synapse
Freaky Friday
Ginger Snaps
Ginger Snaps 2
Ginger Snap Back
Good night, and good luck.
Gothika-2dvd S.E. with slipcover
Hannibal-2dvd S.E.
In the Realm of Senses-NC-17 World Cinema Col.*
Indiana Jones complete 4 dvd set
In the Company of Men
I love Huckabees 2dvd S.E. with slipcover
Just Before Dawn-2disc S.E.-Shriek Show
Kill Bill Volume1&2 Box set
King Arthur-Extended Unrated-w/slipcover
King of Masls
Living Dead Girl
Memento Mori-Mei Ah-region 0 full screen
Million Dollar Baby-3dvd Deluxe Edition
Monty Python and the Holy Grail-S.E.
Monsieur Ibrahim
Motorcycle Diaries
Napolean Dynamite
Nightwatch-this is the Russian release Dvd matrix style vampire -english subtitles-reg 1
Night of the Hunted
Original 3 Tenors In Concert
Panic Room-Superbit
Panic Room-Special Edition 3dvd set
Purple Butterfly-Zhang Ziyi
Shadow of Fear
7th Voyage of Sinbad
RagingBull-S.E. 2dvd*
Ray-Limited Edition 2dvd Set-very cool packaging
Reincarnation of Isabel
Rent-S.E. 2dvd
Road to Perdition DTS
Samaritan Girl-Tartan Video-DTS
Schindler’s List
Seven-2dvd Platinum Series
Shallow Ground
Six Sense-Vista Series
Silmido-2dvd set-HD Region 3
Slim Shady Show-Uncut
Star Wars-Trilogy Box set-4dvd
Switchblade Sisters
The Human Stain
Teen Spirit-Tribute to Kurt Cobain
The Notebook
The Mummy Collector’s Set-The Franchise Collection
The Prowler-Blue Underground
The Returner-DTS 2 dvd set-All Region HK Video Co.
The Shaft
To the Devil..A Daughter_Hammer Anchor Bay
Underworld 2dvd extended-unrated with slipcover
Who Framed Roger Rabbit-Vista Series
Windtalkers-3disc collectors set
Womens Prison Massacre-Shock o Rama
The Choke
College Girl Murders
Dog Eat Dog
House of 9
I Love You Like Crazy Cakes (sealed)
The Losers
Paul Rodriguez: Live In San Quentin
Reform School Girls
The Thrillbillys
Too Far Gone
Troop Beverly Hills
Tuck Everlasting
Werewolves On Wheels
The Winning Season
Without Warning

Music Dvds
Matchbox Twenty-Storyteller

Disc Only Dvds(Lets make a deal)
Dead Zone S-1
Dead Zone S-2
Dead Zone S-3
Lost Season 1-Complete First Season-7dvds
Felicity-Season 4 6 dvds
Unscripted 2dvds
Million Dollar Baby S.E. 2dvds
Batman Begins
Falcon down
Starship Troopers S.E.-2dvds
Pulp Fiction 2dvd
The English Patient S.E. 2dvd
Very Long Engagement-2dvd
American Psycho-Uncut
Waking the Dead
Once Upon a Time in America 2dvd
Pear Harbor-Vista Series-4dvd-Directors Cut
Witness S.E.
In Good Company
The Jacket
Rumblefish S.E.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre-2dvd
Titanic S.E. 3dvd
X-Flies Mythology Sets:
X-Files-Abduction 4dvd
X-Files Black Oil-4dvd
X-Files Colonization-4dvd
X-Files-Super Soldiers-4dvd

Some Wants:
I did not have time to think of everything I want so submit what you have to trade..I’ll get back to you. I take Paypal also!

Music Concert Dvds
The Boondock Saints: Unrated Edition
Carlito's Way: UE
Dazed & Confused Criterion
Deadwood Seasons 1&2
Equinox Criterion
Lone Wolf and Cub-Collector’s Box series
Malena-Spectrum 2 disc S.E. (Korean)
X-Files(new slimline versions except season 1)
Live at Knebworth, Parts 1, 2 & 3 [2 Discs] (1990)
Rebel Samurai - Sixties Swordplay Classics (Criterion Collection) (1967)
Cross of Iron: SE
Hostage (Bruce Willis)
The Princess Bride - Dread Pirate Edition
Ransom: SE
Splash: SE
Small Gauge Trauma - Fantasia Film Festival
Sopranos- seasons 1-3
Star Trek The Next Generation - Season 7
Tokyo Olympiad - Criterion Collection (1965)

Also can trade for non fiction books on cd, motivational programs on cd
And horror zombie fiction books.

Music CDs
Secret Policeman's Other Ball: The Music

-Chill Out/Electronic ones like Faithless, Thievery Corporation, Buddha Bar, Ibiza, Café Del Mar, Ambient, Paul Oakenfold, Radiohead, Massive Attack etc…I have a lot of music cds to trade also. I have many many classical cds can trade also.

Just submit your trade lists-lots I still do not have..*Always looking for new releases and Criterions too-Submit it...

onitapgr 08-06-06 08:46 PM


Inigo_Montoya 08-06-06 09:01 PM

If trading to the UK isnt an issue then my list is here

brkhrt7 08-06-06 10:48 PM

See anything for Sin City Extended and maybe Underworld unrated?

IamLegend 08-06-06 11:32 PM

did not see anything I needed..you have alot of there regions..if you get malena r-3 I''d be interested.

IamLegend 08-06-06 11:33 PM

brkhrt7 ..did not see anything..thanks for offer!

TaoTao 08-07-06 04:19 AM

wrote you an email :)

IamLegend 08-08-06 12:54 AM


LordofWar 08-10-06 05:00 PM


imp66 08-10-06 10:21 PM

Interested in Castle in the Sky, Sin City, Dead Like Me, Deep Space Nine (in that order).


dejavu4ya 08-10-06 10:41 PM

Will you Check my list for these, or let me know a price for them all shipped?

-Monster's INC
-Old Yeller
-Fox and The Hound
-Finding Nemo
-Boy Meets World Seasons 1 and 2

You can email me @ [email protected]



mrsnickers 08-11-06 05:05 AM

How much for Blood for Dracula and Armageddon CC shipped? Please email me at [email protected].

Also have many to trade including Disney Treasures, OOP Horror, OOP Disney, TV Box sets if you are looking for anything.

IamLegend 08-11-06 11:12 AM

imp66 ...looked at your list...did not see anything I needed..thanks!

IamLegend 08-11-06 11:15 AM

dejavu4ya ..did not see anything on your list I wanted...you can certainly buy these from me..let me know what you would pay for these shipped each title and if you buy all I will give you better price. I accept paypal also.

dvdlover631 08-11-06 11:20 AM

Can you list prices please?

LordofWar 08-11-06 05:10 PM

Did you get my response e-mail about Curb your ethusiasm?

IamLegend 08-11-06 05:14 PM

dont think so....try again

LordofWar 08-11-06 06:05 PM


If for some reason you did not get the e-mail plz e-mail me at [email protected] and I will respond.

IamLegend 08-11-06 10:57 PM

LordofWar ..mulling over the offer..

Kiml 08-12-06 01:43 AM

ygm!! :)

LordofWar 08-12-06 08:55 AM

I dunno what mulling over the offer means lol. Im guessing it means I didnt offer enough money. I sent you a new offer though. Hope we can work something out.

IamLegend 08-12-06 09:19 AM

LordofWar ,Kiml..sent replies.

LordofWar 08-12-06 09:26 AM

Responded. Thanks

stonecountry 08-12-06 08:53 PM

Hey Ken,

Sent you an e-mail.

IamLegend 08-12-06 09:27 PM

Hi Travis,
Did not get it today ...

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