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Gizmo 05-25-06 09:50 PM

FT: Over 150+ DVD Movies/Boxsets/Sport sets !!!
DVD Movies:
25th Hour
21 Grams
1941 (Collectors Edition)
All Quite on the Western Front
Above the Rim
Adventures of Huck Finn
The Alamo
American Beauty
Aristocrats, The
American Pie 2 (Unrated, Full Screen)
Air Force One
Apocolypse Now (1999 Edition)
Boyz in the Hood
Batman Begins
Behind Enemy Lines
Being John Malkovich
Bend it Like Beckham
Bowling for Columbine
Cold Mountain
Clear and Present Danger
Crimson Tide
Chritmas Vacation (Snapper)
Coffee and Cigarettes
Dogma (1 Disc version)
Day After Tomorrow
Deer Hunter
Donnie Brasco (SE)
Executive Decision (Snapper)
Enemy at the Gates
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (1 Disc)
Finding Nemo
Fightclub (2 Disc set)
Fahrenheit 9/11
Goodnight, and Goodluck
Gods and Generals (Snapper)
Gettysburg (Snapper)
Good Will Hunting
Gangs of New York
Grizzly Man
The Goonies (Snapper)
The Hurricane
Harold and Kumar goto Whitecastle
Harry Potter (2 Disc, slipecase version)
JFK (Slipcase SE)
Jackie Brown (Slipcase CE)
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
L.A. Confidential (Snapper)
Last of the Mohicans
Last Samurai, The (Full Screen)
Major League (Snapper)
Major League II (Snapper)
Lord of the Rings- Fellowship (1 Disc)
Lord of the Rings- Two Towers (1 Disc)
Lord of the Rings- Return of the King (1 Disc)
Long Way Home
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird/Tribute Tour
Lilo and Stitch
Lords of Dogtown - Unleashed (Disc Only)
Memento (1 disc)
Mean Girls
Memphis Belle (Snapper)
Maverick (Snapper)
Mr.and Mrs. Smith
Mystery, Alaska
Monty Python - Life of Brian
Monty Python- Meaning of Life (2 Disc SE)
Next Friday (Snapper)
Oceans 11 (Snapper)
Oceans 12
The Patriot
Pirates of the Carribean
Patriot Games
Point Break
Pearl Harbor (2 Disc, Book edition)
The Pianist
Rockstar (Snapper)
Red Dawn
The Rock
Rules of Engagement
The Rookie
Reservoir Dogs (Original Edition)
The Shining (Snapper)
SE7EN (Book Edition)
Sum of all Fears
Spaceballs (Original)
The Score
Septem8er Tapes
Star Wars Episode 1
Star Wars Episode 2
Star Wars Episode 3
Spy Game
Spies Like Us (Snapper)
Shawshank Redemption (Snapper)
Sleepy Hollow
Thirteen DaysThin Red Line
Three Amigos (Snapper)
Three Kings (Snapper)
Tommy Boy (Original)
Training Day (Snapper)
Tears of the Sun
T2 (Fake Metal case edition)
Vegas Vacation (Snapper)
Van Wilder (Unrated)
We Were Soldiers
War Photographer
Year Without A Santa Claus (Snapper)

TV Boxsets:
DaAli G Show
Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 1
Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 2
Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 3
Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 4
Futurama Season 3
Johnny Carson - Ultimate Collection
Seinfeld Season 3
Southpark Season 2
Southpark Season 3
The Simpsons Season 1
The Sopranos Season 1
The Sopranos Season 2
The Sopranos Season 5
The West Wing Season 2

Sports DVDs/Boxsets:
And2 Mixtape Vaolume 5
Ankle Breakers Volume 1 (Basketall)
Awesome All-Star Action (Baseball)
Carolina Panthers (2003 NFC Champion)
Chicago Bears - The Complete History (Football)
Chiacgo Bulls - The 1990's NBA Dynasty (4 Disc Boxset)
Digital Golf School
LA Lakers - The Complete History NBA Dynasty (5 Disc boxset)
The Foundation (Basketball)
NBA 100 Greatest Plays
MLB All Access Sound
Player to be Named Later (Baseball)
The Raiders - Complete History (2 Disc)
Unhittable (Baseball)
The Ultimate Blooper Collection (Baseball)
The West Wing Season 3
The West Wing Season 4
The West Wing Season 5

Charmed Season 1
Charmed Season 2
Charmed Season 3
Charmed Season 4
Charmed Season 5
Six Feet Under Season 4
Six Feet Under Season 5
+ Many More! Post a List!

Zane Charron 05-25-06 10:15 PM

Sent you Email.

hurricane 05-25-06 10:28 PM

You must list prices per forum rules or your thread will be closed.

Gizmo 05-25-06 10:36 PM

Originally Posted by hurricane
You must list prices per forum rules or your thread will be closed.

I got rid of the 'FS' in the title. Is that OK? I'm not looking to sell any of these yet, just trade.

ShallowHal 05-25-06 10:57 PM

Anything on my list for Being John Malkovich? Shoot me an email if you see anything. :)

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